Firefox suffers a rout of 50 million users. How far will its fall go?

Firefox crash

At the beginning of this year we wrote an article about the decline of Firefox. At the beginning of it it is mentioned that Mozilla abandoned its intention to add support for progressive web-apps (PWA), but we could talk about some things that the competition does and does not offer the fox browser (or koala, for the most purists). For reasons like that, and looking at the figures, a server tried to get used to using also a Chromium-based browser, and I've finally stuck with Vivaldi as my primary web browser.

For that reason, for having been unfaithful to Firefox, today I felt a little bad reading a new which ensures that the only real alternative to Chromium (apart from Safari) has lost 50 million users in the last three years. What also does not help to calm the spirits is that Mozilla itself posted the information, when for marketing, I think, the best thing would be not to give such a negative data.

The disappearance of Firefox would lead to the Chromium monopoly

The problem is that Firefox is the only alternative that Linux and Windows users have if we don't want to use Chromium. If it disappeared, we would all have to use the engine that Google offers, although browsers like Brave or Vivaldi tend to "load" everything bad.

The reasons for this exodus can be very varied. For starters, mobile devices are also discussed here, and Chrome is installed by default in Android. As for Windows users, I don't use it, but now that Edge has improved so much and is compatible with Chrome / Chromium, I would probably stick with it because everything is better integrated. On the other hand, the Google search engine is the most used on the planet, and it usually shows advertising for us to install its browser, Chrome.

But that is not all. There are services that are only available for Chromium-based browsers, which in fact I was watching a programmer work less than a week ago and, still using a Mac, he used Chrome to check his code. If to all this we add that Firefox already does not offer anything exclusive or innovateI don't want to say it like that, but those 50 million still seem few to me.

All this explained, I don't think Firefox will disappear, but taller towers have fallen. I would not be happy if it happened, but I am not surprised by what is happening even though it is installed by default in many distributions Linux. Renew or die. We will see what happens to this mythical web browser first.

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  1.   Jordi said

    if it continues like this firefox will die: '(

    1.    RoyalPain said

      I always miss the translator built into Firefox. Some pages, such as Reddit or Quora, do not work well with the web translator, and you have to read it slowly in English or copy the text to translate.

  2.   Ricardo said

    We must privatize the foundation yes or yes, change that administration

    1.    Claudia Segovia said

      I replaced the translator with Translatium (for Ubuntu) and, except for the copy and paste detail, it's perfect.

  3.   Miguel Rodriguez said

    The first thing they must do to save Mozilla using Firefox would come with firing their SEO, putting someone serious, a true entrepreneur and computer engineer who focuses on the products they offer and leave behind all those campaigns that they launch almost every year Regarding internet security, monopoly and other pressure attempts to make more laws that are useless (except to complicate problems more).

    The second would come from dividing Mozilla's direct developers into work teams, and encouraging the community that collaborates with the projects by providing prizes in quality of payment for those community teams that contribute the most during a month.

    As a third point, the project teams must be subdivided, so that each one focuses on a specific task, one on the development, maintenance and updating of standards, another focused on looking for errors and optimizing the rendering engine, etc. another focused on ensuring those most widely used add-ons to be incorporated into the default browser with the permission and support of their developers, another on security and another on privacy (and so on).

    Because Mozilla's way of working these years seems gross, they add all their efforts in one thing to do it well but neglecting everything else and for the community well thank you for your support, do not forget to sign the surveys to create more antitrust laws (Although anyone with four fingers of a forehead knows that the State's own laws create monopolies and more laws do not solve it), fighting for community integration without segregation and without dissent of thought ... And other progressive nonsense of glass people.

    1.    Qbz said

      Este. They must, whether or not, fire or renew those senior executives who have only known how to raise their salaries while laying off hundreds of developers every year.

  4.   antonio said

    The firewood necessary to burn Firefox leaves much to be desired, that is, Firefox will not disappear, nor with any help it will be possible to stop throwing more firewood on the fire, we feel very good with Firefox services

  5.   whowidth said

    Forgive my ignorance, I am a faithful and loyal user of Firefox, what are those services that are only available to users of chromium-based browsers?

  6.   David said

    I don't really understand it… I love Firefox, it's my browser on all my devices

  7.   Reneco said

    I have tried to adapt to Chrome, Opera, Brave but I don't see any advantages, I'm still in Firefox

  8.   Hee hee said

    Can you call something free a "monopoly"?

    I think the fanaticism of some people for Firefox is too silly.

    Chromium can change what you want, add and remove what you want.
    It was more than demonstrated with the FLoC, that Google does not dominate the projects based on Chromium. If something is free, you can eliminate what the developers consider to be the opposite of their philosophies.

    Chromium is not Google's Internet Explorer, because Google created something non-proprietary Open Source.

    Accept the fact that Chromium is a standard, it makes life easier for developers.

    And don't go off on the story that "Firefox isn't number one because it doesn't come pre-installed." Which is silly, but because every year Firefox loses so many users on Linux that it practically has a pre-install monopoly.

    Free alternatives like Brave make a fool of Firefox, and the funny thing is the company of one of the co-founders of the Mozilla Foundation who decided to leave the ship called Mozilla aimlessly.

  9.   Gerardo said

    I have always been a lover of Firefox and it makes me very sad to see how little by little it is falling ... :(

  10.   tailored said

    Firefox will only survive, the day that mozilla knows what they have in their hands, that is the problem, it is not another, only that, they have no idea of ​​what they really have in their hands, the only browser with true potential to unseat chrome, if it does not unseat it, it is because they have always focused on a lot of gilopolleces instead of focusing only and exclusively on their browser, if they had always put the maximum effort only in their browser, another rooster would sing to them.

    Firefox was before chrome. Well, from there, is when they should have started to worry. Clear example: Firefox already existed, before chrome, chrome suddenly comes out and as soon as it comes out it is faster than firefox and that is why as soon as it comes out it begins to emerge, ok, what did Mozilla do at that key moment ?, absolutely nothing any. Well, it is very simple, if I already exist and suddenly they take out a faster browser than mine, what should my next step be? Well, start working in my browser so that at least it becomes as fast as chrome and In the shortest time possible, because chrome was already ahead as soon as he left, he already had an advantage. That is the beginning of the evil of firefox, not having known how to manage what they have had in their hands, if they had known, today, of course there would be chrome, but it would not be the most used, it would be firefox, it is about leaving you the Eggs peeled for your star product, that simple, there is no more.

  11.   Janfi said

    J'utilise Firefox depuis le debut mais ces derniers temps, que fois qu'ils changent quelque chose, c'était mieux avant. Il faut will say that je ne suis plus tout jeune et que j'aime the simple interfaces avec barre de menu, voir barre d'état, des onglets well marquis, pas comme leur nouvelles «merdes»… .. à la mode Debian quoi: )

  12.   Diego German Gonzalez said

    As my PC is broken I am with an old notebook with 1gb of RAM. Firefox is unusable, it hangs permanently. I have to use Edge or Brave ..
    Personally, it is becoming more and more credible to me that there is a voluntary emptying of the project by its managers.

  13.   EucliGOD said

    Firefox has only one problem, it is the competition of those who dominate the internet, YouTube consumes many resources in a single video almost 2GB of RAM just to see something in 1080p. on the other hand the upload speed is too slow, almost 1/3 of the bandwidth I have and it is extremely stressful.

  14.   Miquel said

    Fa you say that google demands that I pass a captcha to close from Firefox. It does not pass to the other browser caption and I do not advise to bypass it. Us hi heu trobat?

    1.    pablinux said

      How ho fas? No ho veig (Vivaldi i Firefox)

      1.    Miquel said

        It is also between Firefox and Vivaldi, per necessitat. In the end I have entès why em demanava the captcha. Quan vaig to re-install Mint, it was provant de fer to serve Google with a motor closely per defect and no less sortia, because the option «affect more motors closely» does not lead to the page of always, em sortien els complements. Abans m'apareixia a page where you could select Google. Llavors will install the Google plugin, but every time that a fence comes in, it manages the captcha. Finally I have trobat this page ( i ja ho tinc resolt. I do not know how to sortiu in other distributions. Sorry for that.

        It is fantastic to be able to win in Catalan!

    2.    me said

      use duckduckgo

  15.   Miquel said

    This is what Google is doing with Firefox:

    That's why captchas appear when you google from Firefox.

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