Finally Munich will abandon Gnu / Linux and change it for Windows

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A few months ago we heard the unpleasant news that various consultancies were advising the Munich City Council to abandon Gnu / Linux and return to Windows. The figures advised otherwise, which is why many media as well as bloggers and institutions criticized the report, but it seems that it will become a reality.

The governing parties of the Munich City Council have presented a plan to begin the migration to Windows, setting the 2020 deadline to complete the process.

This means that all City Council teams will be updated and will have Windows 10 as the main operating system. Although those responsible have stated that LiMux will not disappear or computers with this operating system, although they will be secondary computers that will be connected to the Windows network.

LiMux will continue to be present in some computers of the Munich City Council

But the saddest thing about this news is that everything indicates that not only will the operating system be changed but that it will try to go to the proprietary format. Thus, lMunich computers will not only have Windows 10 but will also have an Office 365 subscription package, where workers will have to use Word, Outlook, Excel, etc ... to be able to work. In addition to this plan, no free alternative has been presented, so the free format seems to be declining in Germany, at least in the city of Munich.

LiMux is a distribution that is based on Ubuntu 12.04, an outdated and not functional version. And instead of updating, the LiMux developers have followed through with it; on the other hand, hardly any training has been created to use this operating system, so dissatisfaction with this distribution has been general To such an extent that Windows is preferred at all costs? Indeed, no one within the government has opposed this change and the amount of money that this change will entail is not yet known.

Unfortunately Munich is not the first city to do this. In Spain we know this type of situation very well, but this has been for quite some time and it seemed that it would not happen again… Until this.

Let's hope that Munich is not an example for more European cities and return to the private format leaving aside the free format. Y What do you think? Do you think what Munich has done is a wise decision?

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  1.   leopoldo said

    Powerful gentleman is "gift money" we know how window $ expands, someone will have won something for sure.

  2.   Edwin zapata said

    It is to be expected, microsoft left aside the technical part as a bastion of its products and has dedicated itself to legal means and I imagine that the government lobby put its products by force, how sad that the efforts of an increasingly large community are blocked by this type of strategy.

  3.   Javier V.G. said

    I think they are wrong, it is easier, I think I switch to Ubuntu or Xubuntu (I like it better) and I take it to you canonical

  4.   someone said

    You tell the mayor and the councilor for technologies: «a million euros for each one and you put ibm 8088 with msdos 3.30 and they go and put it.

  5.   juliunikeladojuliuco said

    it is clear who and what dominates the world, fraud, money and ignorance. So it goes

  6.   Aitor said

    I think we also have to do self-criticism. In linux we have the best desktop systems, file explorers, shells and many more virtues. However, when it comes to filling the desktop with office applications where a city hall employee is going to do his job, we do not offer a great experience. Right now, M $ offers an integration between its applications, its services and the infrastructure that simply does not exist. Some examples:
    - Copy an excel table to an email or a OneNote notebook (and if I'm just talking about keeping the formats, I'm not talking about inserting the object.
    - Create meeting notes that stay in sync directly when you create the meeting.
    - Manage with whom you share the document you are working on directly from Word / Excel / Powerpoint, etc.
    - OneNote simply has no alternative approaching it.
    - Each of the applications has its little sister on mobile platforms.

    Getting into the shell is not going to help and we have to find a model that helps finance the tremendous effort required to solve these problems (I don't know, I'd like to)

    1.    someone said

      In this case it is only a question of money. The audit has been entrusted to a 'pro' microsoft company and it is rumored that it has even been paid "undercover" by microsoft.

    2.    someone said

      And if they had been working for years and without complaining, it is because what they have works.

  7.   Venerable bede said

    This article only reports one fact: the Munich city council abdicates Linux. It does not give any information on why a consulting firm has made that recommendation.

    If we forget the argument that all politicians are corrupt and that money is dirty and immoral then we will have to ask ourselves what has gone wrong. This question is more difficult to answer and demands more of us. It is difficult because we will have to collect information on the opinion of the council workers and this is not directly available. We will also have to understand the development costs incurred by the Munich city council and weigh that cost against the failures that this development may have created. Responding from the pulpit of moral superiority by rejecting Microsoft without understanding the reasons why evil has triumphed does not help the development of free software.

    1.    someone said

      I know the case personally, it is only a financial matter, as I have said before, but basically it can be called "bribery" in high places to make the change.