ExTiX the Linux distribution that has the perfection of the country that generated it

ExTiX Desk

ExTiX is a Swedish GNU / Linux distribution. In the country of IKEA this distro has been created that is close to perfection, since it is fast, stable and with a quite beautiful appearance. The main philosophy of the developers is to create a very solid distro, despite being based on the unstable version of Debian. In addition, it has the best of both worlds, the best of Debian and also the best of Ubuntu, taking parts of both projects. And as its own catchphrase says, it could be "The Ultimate Linux System."

Being based on Debian, uses a DEB package managerTherefore, you will not have a problem in finding packages compatible with this distro, since DEB abounds. Also, at first I could have a GNOME Shell or Razor environment for the lighter version of this distro, but in version 15 it had a KDE desktop and now in ExTiX 16.1 with LQXt. At present it can be downloaded to an ISO image from the official website of the project, which occupies just over 1GB.

Sweden is one of the most perfect countries, a good educational system, coherent policies, a fairly civilized society, responsible, respectful of the environment, and the place where the most beautiful women in the world come from, without disparaging the rest of the women from other countries. If one qualifier could be chosen for Sweden it would be 'perfect', although the weather could be a downside in my opinion. Well, now they also bring us this fantastic distro that has been infected with this perfection.

ExTiX uses its own kernel that gives it reliability, performance and robustness. The variant of kernel is named EXTON and it has been specially compiled to provide robustness and efficiency to the system. Its installation system is identical to Ubuntu, so it will be easy, although it does not have the Ubuntu Software Center, but this more than a disadvantage is an advantage, considering the abandonment of it. Therefore, we can use other sources to install software.


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  1.   Ruisu cordova said

    excellent I want to try it

  2.   Pablo said

    I have the impression that the author may be exaggerating the qualities of Sweden a bit ...

    1.    Aldo said

      No Pablo .. And without the intention of arguing, but rather clarifying. I comment that the custom of the Swedes is to carry out all their projects with a minimum of two years of meetings and pondering. Although it is true, this results in a delay with respect to other countries or companies, however the result is excellence.

      1.    asd said

        what you have put is thanks to the fact that Sweden is the bank of the mafia where the Swiss themselves recognize that their life status is thanks to tax havens

        1.    Aldo said

          The comment I made was based on their work culture, not their economy or status.
          If it were as you think, and taking my country as an example, all Panamanians would be rich or else, there would not be 40% poverty. We also have a tax haven here due to our banking laws.
          I believe, Mr. ASD, that in all countries good people and bad people abound. Don't let the bad guys damage the essence of the good culture of the countries. Let us criticize but do not harm an entire people. I tell you honestly. Because for a person of an "X" nationality, it is not pleasant to be branded a mafia. narco or bad when it is not.

          1.    RC said

            Let's clarify ... Sweden is NOT Switzerland ... they are two countries that have nothing to do with each other, that I know them well

        2.    Aldo said

          I downloaded the distribution and tested it in virtualization for a few minutes
          It is very fast, it seems stable. however, as Ubuntu started in its graphics settings section, in the first versions; I find it very poor. If what you are looking for is to capture new market that comes from other OS, perhaps from piginosoft XP, it could be. But still, the appearance is old, it shows no interest in being modern. It does not attract attention therefore it will hardly prosper in a market that of desktop users. Comparing it of course with distributions that even being new show more interest at this point such as Elementary. If the market segment they are looking for is traditional people, I think they would prefer to use something more traditional like Gnome 2. It would open to see what segment they are looking for. At the moment I can't find it.

        3.    fedder iosh said

          Stupid. They are talking about Sweden not Switzerland.

  3.   marcostux07 said

    Let's see how about the «perfect» distro

    1.    asd said

      this web is not serious, perfect distro? if it were perfect everyone would use it, today the closest to perfection are gentoo and arch, the rest leaves much to be desired except for Trisquel which is very stable to be totally free

    2.    Tepuflipo said

      Sweden: country in northern Europe of Scandinavian culture. People: Swedes
      Switzerland: mountainous country in northern Italy of German-Italian culture. People: Swiss

      (the one for the banks is Switzerland and the one for the distro is Sweden)

      And I agree that considering Sweden, Switzerland or any other country as "perfect" is a bit far-fetched.

      1.    fak77a said

        Trisquel did not recognize the wifi drivers, I cannot imagine for other more specific drivers - I use peppermint that is declared open source, some question it but it is very compatible

  4.   unsigned char * said

    Topics and more topics…. to perfect my hair…. I don't know if they try to sell me the distro or that I emigrate to Sweden ...

  5.   Camilo Olivares said

    It seems that you are confusing Sweden with Switzerland …… ..

  6.   Martin said

    I have installed it and it does not resolve the grub. I start grub manually and it does not recognize the username and password. I imagine that I do something wrong. Happens to you?

  7.   Martin said

    the username and password is root / root, after recovering the grub. It seems that the boot was not successful moi in my case.

  8.   Isaac PE said


    Let's see, the perfect country is a license that I have allowed myself ... let's not take everything word for word. Sweden is a country that many should learn from and that is undeniable. Perfect? Of course it will have flaws ... And the same perfect distro. Not that I say it is the best, absolute perfection is impossible. Really, do not analyze word by word to criticize. Constructive criticism is welcome, but unhelpful criticism is not.

    And please!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT CONFUSE SWITZERLAND AND SWEDEN. God, we can all err, but it is a very serious mistake. The comment that has this error is right perhaps, but it refers to Switzerland, not SWEDEN.

    A greeting!

  9.   ANONIMO said

    I am sorry to say that Spain is a better country and its women are more beautiful and from GNU / LINUX distros we are doing much better… Another thing is that its inhabitants do not even bother to promote or know them. Sweden is also a country with a high suicide rate and it is cold. It seems to me pure subjectivity and fanaticism of the author of the article for Sweden. Which above is irrelevant to the theme of the distro. Which is more than overrated as is the happy Elementary OS distro, the most overrated of all, since it does not contribute anything new. Above they sell it to you as if it were the first to copy the style or design of MAC, when there were others like Peer OS better or as if it were the one that does it best when Deepin is light years away.
    I have tried many distros of all kinds and almost all provide something that the others do not have or are "at least" curious. But Elementary OS is that it does not contribute anything and on top of not liking it, I just read to everyone who recommends it based on ... Nothing. What is in fashion and the media are spreading it while they do not stop denouncing Ubuntu and not making known distros such as Madrid MAX 9.5, based on Ubuntu 16.04 with environment matte, very light, with a lot of software and that works well. luxury. With a very school theme; since it is directed to students and teachers; but also for the desktop environment. Besides of course Antergos and all the great Spanish distros ...
    More to provide what is ours and less what is outside….

  10.   humberto porras said

    abandoned the ubuntu software center?