EthOS: a fork of Ubuntu intended for cryptocurrency mining


ethos is a Linux distribution focused 100% on cryptocurrency mining, it should be noted from the beginning that this Linux distribution is paid so in no case does it have a trial version.

EthOS is a fork of Ubuntu, which one has been specially adapted with pipm which is a mining rig algorithm for domestic miners. I should mention that this distribution is only available for 64-bit architecture, something logical if it is focused on mining.

For its part, EthOS is focused on the Ethereum miner, Zcash, Monero and other GPU-mineable coins.


  • At least 8gb USB 3.0 / HDD / SSD
  • 64 bit system
  • GPU


  • Boots and mines- Automatically assign IP / hostname, without the need to install any drivers, configure XWindows, or compile any software.
  • Supports up to 16 AMD RX series GPUs: includes support for RX series voltage control and Z170 / X / Z270 / X / Ryzen chipsets.
  • Supports up to 16 NVIDIA GPUs: any 2GB + GTX 900 and GTX 1000 series.
  • Supports up to 8 AMD R7 / R9 series GPUs: any 2GB + HD 7000 series, any R9 200/300 / Fury / Nano.
  • Supports multiple currencies- Ready to mine Ethereum, Zcash, Monero and many other coins from GPM.
  • Browser-based terminal: allow the configuration and configuration of ethOS computers by connecting to their IP addresses through your web browser.
  • Supports all hardforks and softforks: it is not necessary to deal with extra Blockchain storage, blockchain synchronization managed by pools and wallets.
  • Works on your hardware- Runs on thousands of platforms with thousands of different components.
  • Remote configuration- Instruct the platform for remote reboot, set central clocks, MEM clocks, fan speed control, pool information and other settings remotely.
  • Extremely light- Works with the weakest CPU possible in the last 5 generations with only 2GB of RAM.
  • GPU overheating protection- GPUs automatically throttle up or shut down if they reach high temperature levels.
  • stratum enabled- Automatically configured to mine through an efficient bed.
  • Automatic reporting- You can view a web dashboard with detailed platform statistics, charts, and recent event reports.
  • EasyKVM- A terminal window opens with focus on startup, no need to use the mouse.
  • Easy upgrade- Without complications you can update ethOS with the ease of using a single command.
  • Quick startBoot fast miner, low disk / CPU usage and no running out of space issues.
  • Flashing bios- atiflash utility allows fast bios flashing.

Bitcoins mining sign

Get EthOS

As I mentioned, this distribution is paid, so according to its official website we must pay for each copy installed on each computer, if a red-eyed goat does not visit you. Or you could understand that your mining job could be remunerative for another portfolio. The price of the distribution is of the modest amount of $ 39 USD. I leave you the link if you are interested here.


For my part, I can say that at the moment I am going to acquire a license for this system, since at the beginning I do not intend to enter the world of mining at the moment and it is not due to lack of interest but due to lack of investment since at the moment I don't have a team capable enough to be profitable. Since looking a little you can find specialized equipment for mining such as the Antminer and some USB devices.

What I would like to know said, is that if any of our readers is dedicated to mining and can share with us their experience and characteristics of their equipment and especially if it is worth taking the time and investment to enter this world and especially if linux is a recommended system for this work.

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  3.   Andrew said

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  4.   Eudes Javier Contreras Rios said

    I entered the page and it is all in English. Any manual in Spanish to learn more before spending almost $ 40?