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At Linux Addicts we work to keep you informed of the latest and most important news related to the world of GNU / Linux and Free Software. We spruce up the content with tutorials and we'd like nothing more than people who have never done it give Linux a chance

As part of our commitment to the world of Linux and Free Software, Linux Addicts has been a partner of openexpo (2017 and 2018) and the Freewith 2018 the two most important Events of the sector in Spain.

The editorial team of Linux Addicts is made up of a group of experts in GNU / Linux and Free Software. If you also want to be part of the team, you can send us this form to become an editor.



  • darkcrizt

    Of my main interests and what I consider hobbies are everything related to new technologies in relation to home automation and especially computer security. I am a Linuxer at heart with the enthusiasm and passion to continue learning and sharing everything related to this wonderful world of Linux and new technologies. Since 2009 I have used Linux and since then in various forums and own blogs I have shared my experiences, problems and solutions in the day-to-day use of the different distributions that I have known and tested.

  • Isaac

    Passionate about technology, especially electronics, * nix operating systems, and computer architecture. Professor of sysadmins Linux, supercomputing and computer architecture. Blogger and author of the microprocessor encyclopedia Bitman's World. In addition, I am also interested in hacking, Android, programming, etc.

  • pablinux

    I am someone who is interested in almost everything related to technology, and an important part of technology is related to computers. I left my first PC with Windows, but how slow the Microsoft system works made me look at other alternatives. In 2006 I switched to Linux, and since then I have used many computers, but I have always had one with the kernel developed by Linus torvalds. What I have used the most have been distributions based on Ubuntu / Debian, but I also use others like Manjaro. As a techie, I like to test things on my Raspberry Pi, where even Android can be installed. And to complete the circle, I also have a 100% Linux tablet, the PineTab where, thanks to the port for SD cards, I am following the advances of systems such as Ubuntu Touch, Arch Linux, Mobian or Manjaro, among others. I also like cycling and no, my bike does not use Linux, but because there are no smart bikes yet.

  • Diego German Gonzalez

    I was born in Buenos Aires where I learned to love computers at 16. As a visually impaired, I personally saw how Linux improves people's lives, and I want to help more people benefit from using it.

Former editors

  • Joaquin Garcia

    As a lover of New Technologies, I have been using Gnu / Linux and Free Software since almost its inception. Although my favorite distro is by far Ubuntu, Debian is the distro I aspire to master.

  • azpe

    Passionate about Linux and everything related to this operating system, I like to share knowledge and experiences. I like to document everything new that comes out, be it new distros or updates, programs, computers ... in short, anything that works with Linux.

  • Luis Lopez

    Free software fanatic, since I tried Linux I have not been able to quit. I have used many different distros, and they all have something that I love. Sharing everything I know about this operating system through words is another thing I enjoy.

  • Bill

    Computer Engineer, I am a Linux fanatic. The system created by Linus Torvalds, back in 1991, has made me love working with a computer. Discovering all the secrets of any distro satisfies me enormously.