Could Linux outperform Windows in users?

Mac vs Windows vs Linux

At the moment Windows is the king in user quota, however, this situation could change over the years in favor of Linux

Unfortunately, as we all know, Windows is the king when it comes to desktop market share, however Linux operating systems they are more popular than ever and that is why many of us wonder if one day we could turn the tables.

Windows is the current market dominator with more than 90% of the market. If we talk about the second place, it corresponds to Apple and its Mac OS X with 12% and finally Linux is in last place with 4%. Although adding everything does not come out 100%, we must take into account the number of people who have two computers or dual boot on their computers.

Although they seem very low figures, I believe that if There are hopes that Linux can increase its market share. The arguments that I believe that defend the use of Linux are the following.

Why Linux could outperform Windows

  • Steam Machines: As we already know, these machines have the operating system installed SteamOS of GNU / Linux. The reason many Linux-loving gamers dual-boot Windows is that it has a lot more game catalog than Linux. However, with the arrival of the Steam Machines this figure vto grow exponentially and it will no longer be necessary to have Windows.
  • Wine: Wine it is one of the best programs that exist for Linux. This program allows us to run typical Windows applications on our Linux systems. Although in the first years it did not work very well, nowadays you can run tons of apps without a hitch.
  • Higher performance: As we demonstrate in this article, Windows 10 performance is not really that bad. Many operating systems run much smoother than Microsoft's system, not counting the powerful command console that has Linux, which if you know how to use you have absolute control over everything.
  • Windows can see the duster: Windows 10 is not the super operating system they have promised. First all this Information theft and lack of privacy, being classified as malware by GNU, second that you can actually do almost the same as in Windows 7 and 8 and third all the errors it gives. The change from Kernel 6 to Kernel 10 has been in name only.
  • Personalization: As I already mentioned in this article, customization is, for my taste, one of the biggest strengths of Linux. With Windows you have to settle for its interface, which some users tire. In Linux you have many desktops which you can customize almost to taste.
  • Mac does not advance: Apple also has a duster, their computers come with a 600 euro hardware but worth 2000. Its market share does not go beyond so-called "posh" users such as millionaires or music producers, therefore it will remain that way for many years.
  • Greater user knowledge: When I was a child, only Windows was known as an operating system. Now between the fact that some Linux is given at school and that much more is known about computers, it seems that Linux is no longer that great unknown that will.
  • Take advantage of low-power computers: With the disappearance of Windows XP, many older computers have been orphaned. cannot be upgraded to a more powerful Microsoft system since the jump in minimum requirements is enormous, since it has gone from 64 megabytes of ram in XP to 1 GB of ram in Windows 7 (2 gigabytes recommended because with 1 is a silly box). For this reason, operating systems such as Arch Linux they can recover these old computers and make them useful and supported.
  • Free and free software: Last but not least, Linux is free software. More and more companies and government institutions choose to opt for free operating systems, mainly due to the cost savings.

Although I have presented these data, I must also say that at the moment all this is very far. A 90% market share is very high and it will take us quite a few years to get to it, mainly because Microsoft has much more money and the support from many manufacturersBut if things continue to be done this well, I am convinced that one day they will be overcome.

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  1.   Javier said

    I am already making my steam machine XD and the truth is I am delighted with steam (that's why I do it for the salon imagine)

    above that I do it to my liking for now I'm later the r9 390

    biostar mini itx x88zn board
    16gb ram x2 2400mhz
    amd a10 7870k apu
    ssd 256gb
    sx600-g silverstone (600w)
    be who rock lp (fan)
    nt-h1 (thermal paste)
    total € 500 (looking for the best at the best price)

    and within 1 month the dedicated card so I will take advantage of vulkan al max thanks to the combination of the apu and the dedicated one

    1.    azpe said

      Good machine yes sir, I also wanted to make a custom one but later.
      Take advantage of Christmas that there will be sales on steam.

  2.   Shupacabra said

    Unfortunately not, from a technical fucking point of view, Ubuntu is the easiest thing we have, however there are things that do not finish working correctly, there are times after an update there are applications that crash or that in a newer version they directly disappear and They are no longer installable, another point that worries me is the speed, for someone who only wants to see facebook they take too long to open the browsers for the first time after turning on the equipment, the one with the least delay is FF, it must also be recognized that the turning on and off the flag system is really fast, you can achieve the same in linux but you have to put scripts to activate hibernation and hybrid suspension, but not all computers work correctly, and the other very important, it is worth nothing nice to look working if startup is awful depending on video card some with plain text others flickering to accommodate frequency and background size of screen.
    People do not care about security or privacy, if they are used to something that has the button there, it would never support an application that has the button even if it does the same but on another side of the screen, not to mention the entire system that it works in a totally different way and with applications that are in some cases confusing for newcomers, because they are made to work and were not intended to be user friendly
    Finally, the aesthetics, none of the desks have defined contrasts, it is always expensive for those of us who have cathode ray monitors to see some applications that seem to have been made with a magnifying glass, it happens to me with several KXStudio applications until I cannot read the texts in some cases , the best thing is KDE from my point of view, although I saw some other problem with the presentation of the typography with LCD monitors that surely must have a solution but you have to do it by hand. At least this is what I see, a former user of windows and 5 years ago; he works exclusively with Linux

    1.    azpe said

      I would not be so sure . Check out my latest article, the one on the Microsoft class action lawsuit over W10.
      Really the thing is divided in two with this of Windows, in two types of users.
      1.The standard user: The typical normal person who does not know anything about computers, they want the pc to enter Facebook and to play Minecraft, they do not care about privacy and they only want a nice desktop and facilities.
      2.The advanced user: More and more people know computers. People who do know like privacy, control and customization, just what Linux offers and not Windows.
      The thing is that there are less and less type 1 users, who also know a little more every day (now at least they teach them in the school that Linux exists)
      Although honestly to enter Facebook any operating system is worth it, even Windows XP or Puppy Linux.
      Oh and not the very strange desktop that happens to you, since Linux desktops can be customized to taste. Even the other day we talked about being able to put the theme of w10 or a distro similar to w7

  3.   Daniel G. Samborski said

    I've been using Linux as the only OS for more than three years
    It seems to me a magnificent OS but there is something that I do not like, and it is the lack of a standard in, at least in something that I consider necessary.
    A single installation file format, in windows there are .exe, but in linux there is a great variety, .deb, .rpm, etc.
    I have a pc without an Internet connection and when I want to install something I go crazy, many developers have several .deb and .rpm but not all have it.
    There are applications that force me to download a .tar and compile (Which is annoying many times)
    I know that there are programs that convert tar into .deb and things like that, but it would be much more practical and it would surely improve access to Linux a lot if the big ones opted for a standard and make things easier for users.

    Greetings, excellent articles.

    1.    azpe said

      That's already true, that's why I put everything I can by commands. Although the diversity of Linux is a strong point, it is also a weak point in its own way, since sometimes there is too much bad rust and competition within the community.
      Thanks for your support and greetings.

      1.    Diego regero said

        Few packages I have found that are not for my distro, by the way, do you know alien?
        Regarding PCs without an internet connection, it is a problem, but the fact is that the rest of the systems are also betting on the 'market' model, so the problems with those systems can be even worse.
        Nor have I come across many applications that MUST BE COMPILED, unless it is something very experimental and beta.
        In any case, you should not see compiling the application as a handicap but as an opportunity to run programs on platforms where they are not 'officially' supported, for example, I have installed several emulators for the raspberry pi that in theory were not for this architecture.

    2.    asd said

      too bad linux is not an OS

      one of the problems is so many file formats including the way to install it, in many cases with bugs. Well that and that it is light years away from windows, one of the tests is steam, it works much better for me on windows than linux and everything the first time

      1.    Daniel G. Samborski said

        it is true, it is not an OS as such….

        As for the second, I do not agree very much, I use steam on linux and it works for me without problems.
        So far I have never had problems with the programs that I install in Linux, except, perhaps, some package that is no longer supported and for that reason I cannot install it directly.
        Even about two years ago. While I was testing linux, I installed WOW on WINE and it worked more smoothly than on W7 itself.

    3.    Shupacabra said

      @azpe actually you have to be a Windows user to realize the issue of contrast and well-defined fine lines, I know, you will tell me as I say, that who cares about such stupid and nonsensical details, however people are stupid haha, they want it to look wow, but what are you going to do,
      I do not know of Win 10, the last thing I touched was an XP, and once a Seven but little and nothing, what if I was surprised in all cases, is that Chrome opens instantly, and in linux .. by God with an athlon x250 with 4 ram there are times it takes twelve or more seconds, but well I can bear it, but not others. Greetings

      1.    azpe said

        Try a theme that allows you to increase the contrast, surely you have a lot (even themes that copy the appearance of WXP).
        What it takes to start up is true, but that seems to me to be the fault of Google and not Linux, which dedicates more work (logically because they are more users), to the Windows version.

  4.   Sergio Stone Velazquez said

    unfortunately in linux it is impossible to play steam has much less performance than in win 10 try a lot to use linux but windows as always surpasses it and let's not fool ourselves but it has better performance windows than linux the steam machines are crap the performance is much lower than playing in windows maybe in the future we can use linux.

  5.   jose barrier sword said

    Greetings, excellent article, I use pirated win 8.1, as I can no longer pay for these microsoft licenses that have worsened since win7 now the direct question I ask is, which linux system should I use, it is true there are plenty of free programs that I can use linux, but I still use applications for windows, that linux OS that looks like windows can I use, I say I write this since it would be a newbie category, I await your response and guidance, greetings and continued success

    1.    azpe said

      You have several options to use. The most common is to use Ubuntu or Debian because let's say they are the big ones, but then it depends more or less on what you are looking for.
      Visit this article that my partner wrote about best Linux distributions in which you can choose the one you like the most.

  6.   dextre said

    I think these people are waiting for linux to act or behave like windows such an application does exactly or is installed as in windows, I think they must think that this is very different, just after 3 years I reinstalled windows in sony vaio because Maybe I thought that the laptop screen was going bad and I reinstalled win2 and it took me about 4 hours to install, how were 3 DVDs (system recovery DVDs and other things), these companies put a lot of junk software on it, a key dedicated to that goes directly to the sony page, communicate with sony vaio, and well after installing all that I see that the graph behaves the same as with linux well it was never so fluid, as soon as I bought the win2 laptop it did not last 6 hours and Immediately delete and install ubuntu but since it is amd ati they never went well for me and from that experience intel is for me the one that performs best and very well

  7.   Diego regero said

    The biggest problem that I see to outnumber Windows users is inertia, since GNU / Linux is of much higher quality and you can do everything with it and without missing Windows at all.
    And about the hardware support everything has always worked for me, maybe it influences that before buying I inform myself that things work for my system, just not that I made my car diesel gasoline and when it fails I say that it is a car crap. Common sense.

  8.   Jose Vega said

    to all this…. Why so obsessed with Windows? I would settle for it to be more stable and to really improve version by version

  9.   manuel said

    Yes, Steam is a breakthrough in terms of market share, we see it every month in Valve's statistics: unstoppable growth. And what about the game offer and performance ... or are you going to tell me, in your blindness, that Linux also surpasses Windows in that? Please…

    And I tell you that I am delighted with Steam and I hardly start Windows, because with everything I have to play now I am happy. But you cannot see the world with that childish lack of objectivity.

    1.    Jose Vega said

      Steam games are better on Windows than Linux, and it is not that I say so, it is that they have already done the tests and have given those results. But I would like it to go the other way around.

  10.   Diana said

    Windows isn't just games, it's work. I use Windows because any Linux OS does not serve me for my work, Graphic Design and Architecture, but some will say that there are programs for that in Linux and it is not like that you cannot compare those said programs with those that exist in Windows example Twinmotion, Autocad Architecture, Revit, Archicad, Lumenrt, and others more. I tried linux and I found it interesting but it is not what I was looking for for my work.

  11.   Angelo said

    Although windows surpass the market it is worth me *** Linux Is Unknown In Chile, Also Linux beats Windows AND Mac By More Than Triple !!!

  12.   leonardo ramirez said

    Well, I have to talk about my experiences. I am currently a Linux Mint 17.3 X64 user and have been using it all year. It is fluid, extremely fluid and that I have an almost modest average team: AMD Athlon II X2 240e with 4 DDR3 RAM with an ATI 6670 DDR5 PCI express. My computer performs quite well both when installing and opening programs. I use the MATE and Cinnamon interfaces.

    In the past I started with Ubuntu 5.10 and loved it. I tried Mandriva (In its time the best distro), Fedora and PC Linux (nice nice) Of course I know MS systems perfectly in all versions because I have supported many people every day. Also years ago I had a Mac PowerPC G4 (the one that looks like a white egg) and I remember that I put an Ubuntu 6.10 for PowerPC and I liked it so much that I forgot to use the Mac system.

    I recently built a Kodi entertainment system for a client using a Raspberry Pi 2 and it goes smoothly. Unmatched entertainment and the most delicious, its variety and customization.

    I recently made a donation to the Mozilla Foundation to support Firefox.

    I have also taken responsibility for people getting to know something about Linux and there are already several who have asked me to install the software, since at least they use their equipment in a normal way and not for areas of architecture or graphic design. So much so that one day a man asked me how to better protect himself from the internet because he felt violated and with a certain fear of his privacy. I gave him the alternative of using Tails or a Linux with firewall and tor browser and not necessarily to enter deepweb or things like that.

    I would make the following analogy.
    Linux is equal to a soccer club full of talents that are still from the quarry and that one day will exploit the best of themselves for the world.
    Windows is a well-known old man, to whom the collective subconscious turns to inertia.
    Mac is a very rich man, but as in the world, the rich are few ...

    I also think that part of the success is to publicize all this great world of free software but in small steps without being abrupt and without criticizing the competition. I believe that success is growing and the key is to respect the opponent and rather know how to make a little hole for good, consolidate that little hole and then expand it little by little.

    Looking to the future, I am looking forward to Kernel 4.4 and Ubuntu 16 LTS and all the distros that will derive from both. That is an interesting show of progress. News and consolidations for this year and for 2017 expansion.


  13.   Hon said

    Geeks never understand that marketing is worth more than the product. Those of you who did not experience the 1995 windows campaign cannot understand how a product is placed in the population as a whole. What about Jobs and his iPhone was nothing and less next to that. The only Linux with some marketing was Ubuntu and it got the dogs.

  14.   Ivan said

    Good evening, I would like to know what you based on for the percentage data of the uses of SO's, because I am developing a project for the faculty and I would need a database style to guide me. The project is called Windows vs Linux