Converter NOW: a simple app to convert between units in Linux

Converter NOW

If you are one of those who has frequently searched for the word converter in Google to try to convert between units, you will surely love to know Converter NOW. An app that you can install locally on your GNU / Linux distro to have a complete conversion center between different units to facilitate calculations or your analysis. In addition, it is found in the repositories of a multitude of well-known distributions and in some app stores such as Ubuntu Software for easy installation.

Converter NOW includes a built-in calculator, so you can perform calculations. It also uses a very simple interface for conversions between units, and it is very fast. It also supports customization, rearranging the units according to your usage priorities.

If you wonder what drives does it support Converter NOW, here is a summary of some of them:

  • Currency: euro, dollar, pound, rupee, yen, etc.
  • Length: meters, inches, miles, yards, light years, etc.
  • Area: square meters, hectares, acres, etc.
  • Volume: cubic meters, liters, gallons, pints, cups, etc.
  • Time: seconds, hours, days, years, weeks, millennia, etc.
  • Temperature: Centigrade, Fahrenheit, Kelvin.
  • Speed: meters per second, kilometers per hour, etc.
  • Mass: gram, pound, ton, AMU, etc.
  • Force: Newton, dyne, pound-force, ponies, etc.
  • Pressure: Pascal, Bar, atmosphere, PSI, etc.
  • Energy: July, calories, KWh, etc.
  • Power: watt, kW, horsepower, etc.
  • Fuel consumption: miles per gallon, kilometers per liter, etc.
  • Number systems: decimal, binary, hexadecimal, octal, etc.
  • Torque or Torque: Newton / meter, pound-force per foot, pond per meter, etc.
  • Digital data: nibble, bit, byte, Kb, KB, etc.
  • Shoe sizes: Europe, UK, Japan, USA, UK, etc.
  • Angles: degrees, radians, minutes, seconds, etc.
  • SI prefixes: Kilo, Mega, Giga, Tera, Mill, Micro, Nano, etc.

As you see, it is not only an app for students or scientistsYou can also use it for everyday things such as temperature, for units used in the kitchen for recipes that are in other units, shopping for shoes, etc.

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