Windows with Linux background

MS-Linux: an exercise in imagination

Microsoft has changed a lot in recent years, an operating system with Linux is becoming more feasible every day, do you want to see what would happen ...?

Microsoft hates Linxu

Microsoft seems to be attacking the competition through patents

We have already commented on many occasions that Microsoft has earned more from patents than from certain of its products. An example is Windows Mobile, for which they have entered less than for the patents that have been charged to Android devices for FAT.

Canonical vs Microsoft Logos

Canonical Ubuntu vs. Windows 10

We conducted a comparative analysis on these two operating systems that are vying for the future of the desktop. Ubuntu vs Windows 10, who will win?

Differences between Linux and Windows

Linux vs Windows. Basic differences

Basic differences between Windows and Linux. Both operating systems have their advantages and disadvantages. In this article we analyze them so that you can start to create your own opinion.

Microsoft Vs Google

The new fight of the year between two giant corporations is going to get interesting. And I'm not talking about Microsoft and ...