Linux on DeX

Samsung users can now try Linux on Dex

Linux on DeX is here and it is already a possibility for Android in desktop mode. For those who are still unaware of the "Samsung DeX" project, they should ...

gps tom tom

BBS Tools: update GPS from Linux

BBS Tools is a software that integrates a series of tools to be able to connect, synchronize and update your GPS device from your Linux distro.

gsconnect windows

GNOME Shell Android Integration Extension GSConnect V12 Released

GSConnect v12 is the new version of this extension to integrate Android into our GNOME Shell and to be able to make a perfect integration of our GSConect v12 is the new version of this extension for the GNOME environment for your shell that allows you to integrate Android into the desktop

textr logo

Textricator: an easy data extractor for PDF files

Textricator is an interesting tool that you should know. It is open source and is used to extract complex data from PDF documents, without Textricator it is a program to extract complex data from PDF files in a simple and simple way from your favorite GNU / Linux distro.

KDE Apps

KDE Applications 18.08 Software Suite Enters Beta Stage

KDE Applications 18.08 Software Suite has entered its Beta stage of development, so we will just have to wait a little longer to enjoy KDE Applications 18.08 Software Suite enters its Beta stage of development and soon we will be able to enjoy the final version with all the improvements


3 of the best free alternatives to Ccleaner on Linux

If you have been migrating from Windows I am almost sure that you know, have listened to or have used CCleaner which is one of the optimizers and system cleaners. CCleaner, a powerful and popular Windows PC cleaner that finds and removes junk files and more.


3 of the best Twitter clients to use on Linux

Twitter is a microblogging service that allows us to send short-length plain text messages, with a maximum of 280 characters, previously 140 characters. This is considered one of the most used social networks worldwide, where most politicians and companies renown has an account.


3 of the best GitHub clients to use on Linux

Currently GitHub is considered as a social network for programmers where they can share their projects with the community and receive support or improvements for them. The code for projects hosted on GitHub is typically stored publicly, albeit using a paid account and keeping it private.


How to install Cinnamon 3.8 on Linux?

Just a few days ago, the new version of the Cinnamon desktop environment was released, reaching version 3.8 in a stable way, which offers us various bug fixes and some new features that we can enjoy by installing it on our system.

Steam for Linux

Install Steam on Ubuntu 18.04 and enjoy this gaming platform

Steam is a multiplayer platform developed by Valve Corporation. It is used to distribute games and related media online. Steam provides the user with automatic software installation and management on multiple computers, community features such as friend lists.


Museeks a lightweight Electron-based music player

Museeks is an open source, cross-platform music player that is written in Node.js, Electron, and React.js. It has two user interfaces, one light and the other dark, it has support for mp3, mp4, m4a, aac, wav, ogg and 3gpp file formats.


6 Lightweight Web Browsers for Linux

Although in most of the most used Linux distributions they usually include Firefox as the default browser, there are also distributions that implement others such as Tor, Chrome, Chromium among others. But honestly I personally differ from the browser selection they implement.


Optimize the use of your laptop battery with TLP

One of the first recommendations that even applies to any equipment that has a battery, is to avoid using it when you are charging it. That is why I share with you a great tool that can be very useful, it is called TLP.

MegaSync on Linux

Install and get 50GB in the cloud with MegaSync on Linux

Mega is a storage service in the Cloud, this is the successor of the famous Megaupload which the founder of both Kim Dotcom since the closure of Megaupload had already promised to raise the service again, but this time something better.


Download youtube videos from the terminal with Youtube-dl

One of the most common activities that you can perform within your operating system or even from your smartphone is viewing videos, and for this there is a worldwide known platform that you probably already know. That's right, I mean YouTube, on this platform we find content for everything.


10 terminal emulators for your system

The use of the terminal in Linux is essential at any time so it is almost impossible not to depend on it. There are different terminal emulators with which we can work within our favorite distribution.

Cloud 4-9

Install the Nuvola Player streaming music player on Linux

Nuvola Player is an online music player which allows us to play our music lists from different streaming music services, including Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon Cloud Player, Deezer, 8tracks, Pandora Radio, Rdio , Hype Machine and Grooveshark.


Install the Jdownloader download manager on Linux

Jdownloader is a free download manager written in Java, which is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. This manager allows users to easily start, stop, pause and stop downloads, it also has a bandwidth limit.

Kali linux

Kali Linux Tools

Looking for Kali Linux tools? Enter and discover which are the best. If you do not know what Kali Linux is, we will also explain it to you.


Linux browsers

We analyze the 15 best and most interesting browsers for Linux. An extensive list that will help you choose the best option for you according to your needs


Install and configure Wine

We show you step by step how to install Wine on any Linux distro and how to configure Wine with examples to install Windows programs and games.

Docker Logo: Container Loaded Whale

Docker: all about containers

As you already know, there are several types of virtualization, one of them is virtualization at the operating system level, and…

PowerShell screenshot

Install PowerShell on Linux

We already announced that PowerShell, Microsoft's "powerful" tool to extend a little more the capabilities of the terminal that ...

Education, colors

7 essential apps for education

We always try to present new projects and alternatives to the software of other closed source operating systems, this time we bring ...

Skype or Whatsapp

Skype 1.10 is released for Linux

Microsoft has just announced the immediate availability of the new version of Skype for Linux, specifically version 1.10, a version that it brings.

New version of Tor available

The immediate availability of Tor has just been announced, the browser that will allow you to browse anonymously and access the so-called deep web ...

Tux rapper

This is Gradio, the linux radio

Today we are going to present you something different, it is Gradio, a program that allows you to access a directory of radios and listen to our stations.

Iceweasel will be Firefox again

Many years ago, the people in charge of the Debian project created the Iceweasel browser as a derivative of Firefox, since ...

Mixxx interface

Mixxx 2.0: Virtual DJ for Linux

Mixxx 2.0 is the new version that has been expected for 2 years of development. A software to mix and work with music to be a true DJ.

Mycroft AI

Mycroft AI can now run on Linux

Mycroft IA is being ported to fit the Linux desktop, competing with Siri or Cortana and making a mature speech recognition project.

Netflix screen

Netflix available for Ubuntu

Netflix now has support for Ubuntu. The online movies and series platform lands in the Linux world, at least in the Canonical distribution