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Some cool productivity apps

There are many very good productivity tools for our GNU / Linux environment, too many alternatives that sometimes make it difficult to find ...

Linux Bootable USB Pendrive

How to create a bootable USB

The best methods to make a bootable USB with Linux and Windows .. If you want to install Linux from a USB, we teach you how to create a bootable USB.

IP networks

How to know my IP in Linux

Tutorial in which we teach you the command to know your IP in Linux. If you want to find out your network address, ifconfig is your ally. Learn how to use

mosh terminal

Mosh: a good alternative to SSH

Mosh (Mobile Shell) is an alternative program to SSH that you will surely like. You already know that for remote connections ...

Docker Logo: Container Loaded Whale

Docker: all about containers

As you already know, there are several types of virtualization, one of them is virtualization at the operating system level, and…

Education, colors

7 essential apps for education

We always try to present new projects and alternatives to the software of other closed source operating systems, this time we bring ...

Arch Linux

5 essential commands in Linux

Everyone who has worked with Linux knows that the best way to get the most out of it is with the console of must-have commands.

Mycroft AI

Mycroft AI can now run on Linux

Mycroft IA is being ported to fit the Linux desktop, competing with Siri or Cortana and making a mature speech recognition project.

Python logo

Top Three Open Source Python IDEs

We present three good IDEs for Python that you can install on your GNU / Linux distribution and develop software in this programming language.

Linux package extensions

What are Linux meta-packages?

We introduce you to the world of metapackages in Linux, we show you what they are, what they can do for you and how to create them in a simple way on your distro.


Linux sucks ... Spanish-style

Criticizing Linux is not attacking it, but improving it. Maybe we should reflect and not be a Linux Taliban, but help its progress and development.

Gmail logo

Open source alternatives for GMAIL

Gmail is an extraordinary service, but it is not the only one, here we show you the best open source alternatives that exist for you to choose from.


Shodan the Google of hackers

Shodan is another alternative to Google that is known as "the Google of hackers" because of its powerful filters to be able to carry out very interesting searches.

Makeblock mBOT

mBOT: robot to learn to program

Learning to program by playing is the goal of many projects, one of them being Makeblock's mBOT, a cheap and open source android for classrooms.

Tux, Logo WIndows and Samba

Samba 4.2.0 available for download

Samba 4.2.0 is the new stable version of this software that is now available for download and installation on different sharing platforms.

Netflix screen

Netflix available for Ubuntu

Netflix now has support for Ubuntu. The online movies and series platform lands in the Linux world, at least in the Canonical distribution

Computer security is essential

How to protect files in Linux

With the chattr command in Linux we can make it difficult for a malicious intruder to interact with our files and damage the computer.

lpi logo

Linux courses and LPI certification

The acronym LPI stands for "Linux Professional Institute", and it is a non-profit organization dedicated to the certification of Linux professionals.

LiveCD - an excellent option

A Live CD or Live DVD, more generically Live Distro is an operating system stored on removable media that can be run from it without having to install it on the hard drive.