Linux Kernel

Linux 4.11 RC7 Release!

On April 16, the new candidate version of the Linux kernel was released, I'm talking about Linux 4.11 Release Candidate 7…

Manjaro KDE 17, screenshot.

Manjaro KDE 17 now available

Manjaro KDE 17 is the new version of Manjaro with the KDE desktop, a version that has the nickname of Gellivara and is now available to everyone ...

Fedora 25

Fedora 25 ISO images get updated

The Fedora team has released a new ISO image of Fedora 25 spins and Labs, ISO images containing the latest system security patches ...

Devuan Gnu + Linux

Devuan Gnu + Linux already has beta 2

Devuan Gnu + Linux already has a beta of its next version, a version that will be based on Debian but without Systemd Init, while beta 2 must be tested ...

Black Friday

Hosting also has its Black Friday

Black Friday arrives to bring interesting discounts on products and services, such as the hosting that we present for you to set up your online platform.

Lumina Desk

TrueOS the successor of PC-BSD

PC-BSD is one of the different BSDs that we come across, along with FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Dragon Fly, NetBSD, etc. Normally each one ...

A tablet with OpenSUSE is coming

The well-known company MJ Tecnology, is developing a tablet with OpenSUSE installed, something that will see the light very soon, with two different versions.


Ubuntu 14.04.5 is now available

Ubuntu keeps updating its versions not only the current version but also the old LTS versions such as Ubuntu 14.04, in this case with Ubuntu 14.04.5

Mark Shuttleworth

Ubuntu Forum Has Been Hacked

Friends, we have bad news for you. Canonical just announced that the official Ubuntu forum has been hacked, so ...


21,7% of programmers use Linux

21,7% of all programmers in the world use Linux to develop their applications, at least this is the data collected by the 

Slackware 14.2

Slackware 14.2 is closer than ever

Slackware 14.2 already has its second beta. It seems that the next version of Slackware, one of the oldest distributions, is getting closer and closer.

Mac vs Windows vs Linux

The Macbook Air works best with Linux

It seems that Linux has once again proven to have the best operating systems in the world. The folks at Phoronix have picked up a Macbook Air and been ...

Firefox OS already has WhatsApp

Firefox OS has officially received WhatsApp, an app expected by many and that we can even say that it led to the decline of the Mozilla platform

UBUNTU 15 Vivid Vervet

New vulnerabilities detected in Ubuntu

A few days ago, we had published a piece of news in which it said that vulnerabilities had been detected in Ubuntu operating systems, because these days ...


Shodan the Google of hackers

Shodan is another alternative to Google that is known as "the Google of hackers" because of its powerful filters to be able to carry out very interesting searches.

Gnome 3.16

Gnome 3.16 is now available

Gnome 3.16 has already been released, the latest stable version of the popular and popular Gnu / Linux desktop that incorporates more than 33.000 community changes.

Linux Robot

5 robots that work thanks to Linux

Some robots and drones work thanks to Linux and other free software projects. In this article we analyze 5 of the most striking social robots

Ubuntu Phone OS: Requirements

The first device with UbuntuPhone OS installed is expected in 2014, but we already know the first requirements proposed by Canonical.