AMD Ryzen logo

Slimbook now also with AMD processors

Slimbook returns to surprise with another surprise they had in store, now its Kymera range will also integrate next-generation AMD Ryzen microprocessors

H-ROS chip and 2 euro coin

A small device to unify robotics ...

The world of robots is on its way, AI is advancing by leaps and bounds, and Linux is there in that niche. We talk about ROS and other interesting projects

NetBSD 8 logo

NetBSD 8.0 released with security patches

NetBSD 8.0 has been released with major security enhancements. Lovers of open source alternatives should know that the operating system The open source operating system NetBSD 8.0 has already been released with important security improvements with the new patches that have been implemented.


Microsoft buys GitHub for $ 7.500 billion

Several rumors occurred about the purchase of GitHub and Microsoft was the one who gave the official announcement of its new acquisition. Microsoft intends with this purchase to promote programming tools and have better and constant development of free software on GitHub.


Cryptocurrency mining is legal for Canonical

Canonical has spoken out about its incident with the snap package store. An incident that shows that cryptocurrency mining can be dangerous even if it is legal and can be taken to any format including the snap format ...

Microsoft hates Linxu

Microsoft seems to be attacking the competition through patents

We have already commented on many occasions that Microsoft has earned more from patents than from certain of its products. An example is Windows Mobile, for which they have entered less than for the patents that have been charged to Android devices for FAT.

Openexpo 2018 poster

OpenExpo 2018 for first level training

We are proud to present Openexpo 2018 in Spain, your favorite event on open source technologies and free software that will focus on first level training.

New KaOS interface

The KaOS distribution turns 5

One of the most popular Gnu / Linux distributions in the KDE world has turned 5 years old. And to celebrate it, KaOS has launched a special version of its operating system, a version that renews and improves its distribution ...

Vega 20

Radeon Vega 20 Leaked in AMD Linux Updates

The new patch appears to feature support for more than 50 new Vega-specific hardware-level features that were previously absent from the Linux kernel or only partially implemented. Most of the updates come in the form of six new PCIe IDs registered in a patch.

Chrome logo along with ChromeBook

ChromeOS will be compatible with Gnu / Linux applications

Google's ChromeOS will be compatible with Gnu / Linux virtual machines and this will allow the arrival of Gnu / Linux applications to the Google operating system. An arrival that will have more expectations than successes due to other compatibility of Google's operating system ...

Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark

Ubuntu 17.10 is now available again for download

Well and taking advantage of the moment, Canonical has ultimately made the ISO of its Ubuntu operating system available to the public again in its latest stable version which is 17.10, this because in previous days it had withdrawn from its download site the link of this.


Elive closer to launching Elive 3.0

One of the most famous lightweight distributions, Elive, has released one more development version, being closer than ever to launching Elive 3.0 ...

Ubuntu 17.10 Mascot

Ubuntu 17.10 is now available

The new version of Ubuntu is now available. Ubuntu 17.10 comes with Gnome as the main desktop and many more surprises for 64 bits ...

By 5

Librem 5 gets the financing it needed

The first smartphone with Gnu / Linux, Librem 5 has obtained the necessary financing for its construction and sale. That is, the Purism terminal will be real

Chris Beard, CEO of Mozilla.

Firefox 57 will be a Big Bang

The CEO of Mozilla has spoken about the new version of Mozilla. A version that will bring Servo as a web engine as well as a big change with Firefox 57 ...

Krita image editor in Spanish

Krita stumbles upon the Dutch Treasury

The Krita Foundation has announced that it has had problems with the Dutch Treasury, ending with a large fine that has drained the resources of the Foundation ...


Gedit developer wanted

Gedit, the famous Gnome text editor has been discontinued. The famous tool has stopped developing but it does not mean that it does not work ...

Adobe Flash Player bug

Adobe will kill Flash by 2020

Adobe, the company behind Flash, has announced that it will kill web technology by 2020, helping to make abandonment the least traumatic.

we steamos

Steam also goes to Flatpak

Steam, Valve's famous software for digital entertainment, is also moving to universal packages. For which…