Canonical vs Microsoft Logos

Canonical Ubuntu vs. Windows 10

We conducted a comparative analysis on these two operating systems that are vying for the future of the desktop. Ubuntu vs Windows 10, who will win?

Tux breaking the "window"

5 Linux alternatives to Windows 7

Many users have stopped having Windows 7 as a good operating system for their computers. We propose 5 linux alternatives to change the OS ..

Microsoft and Linux Foundation logos with Tux

Microsoft Edge comes to Linux

Today something unusual has occurred, since the Internet browser Microsoft Edge has been announced is going to reach Linux operating systems ...

Computer security is essential

Is Linux still the most secure OS?

A few days ago an attack was discovered that affected the famous Linux Mint operating system. This attack consisted of an attack on the website of the 

Welcome home: Linux

Welcome: Top Tips for Linux Newcomers

We offer you the best tips so that you can adapt and know how to choose your best distribution and help you in the first steps with Linux. Easy for you

Linux or Windows. The eternal debate

Linux or Windows

Linux or Windows. It is the eternal question, the eternal debate (between good and evil?). Find out which operating system is better and why.

Differences between Linux and Windows

Linux vs Windows. Basic differences

Basic differences between Windows and Linux. Both operating systems have their advantages and disadvantages. In this article we analyze them so that you can start to create your own opinion.

Canonical Ubuntu (logos)

Ubuntu installer + crack

On this occasion, I am going to tell you about two situations regarding Windows and Linux that really caught my attention….

Nothing is free in life

The crowd is wondering (and probably you on your PC) how can Linux be free in almost all its presentations? ...