TABLE 3D Library

Mesa guide: for you developers

Today I would like to tell you about a guide that I found. But first I would like to talk a bit about the graphics stack ...

Ultimate Edition 5.0

Ultimate Edition 5.0 is out

In case someone does not know it, Ultimate Edition is a distribution based on Ubuntu and specially designed for video games, it is ...

Steam and TUX logo

How to install Steam on Fedora

Small guide on how to install the Steam video game platform on Fedora, an easy platform to obtain and install in the latest versions of Fedora


You can now send sms with Skype for Linux

Skype for Linux has a new version that incorporates the sms functionality, something that will allow us to send messages without needing a mobile phone or gsm network ...

Vim text editor on Linux

Vim: reasons to love him

The famous Vim editor that you all know has many supporters and some naysayers. As I always say, everything is a matter of ...


Install Kodi on Elementary OS

Only a couple of commands separate us from installing Kodi on Elementary OS, in order to enjoy two of the most interesting projects.

Mixxx interface

Mixxx 2.0: Virtual DJ for Linux

Mixxx 2.0 is the new version that has been expected for 2 years of development. A software to mix and work with music to be a true DJ.


Guide: create your own Steam Machine

We offer you a complete guide to assemble your homemade Steam Machine with simple and step-by-step explanations. Your own leisure center for the living room.

Linux package extensions

What are Linux meta-packages?

We introduce you to the world of metapackages in Linux, we show you what they are, what they can do for you and how to create them in a simple way on your distro.


Kore, an essential app for our Kodi

Kore is an official app of the Kodi project that will help us to have a remote control for the Kodi software only using our Android smartphone.


Enhance your monitor screen with f.lux

F.Lux is a program that manipulates the brightness of our monitor depending on the geographical position and the time, adjusting it to ambient and natural light.

Calligra 2.9

Calligra 2.9 ready for download

Calligra 2.9 is an office suite developed by the KDE group and based on Qt. It is multiplatform, free, free, professional and very complete.

Dying Light

Dying Light already has a patch

Dying Light is a great video game available for Linux as well, but it has presented some performance issues and bugs that will be patched.

netflix logo

How to use Netflix on openSUSE

Two simple steps are all that separate us from Netflix in openSUSE: we just have to install Pipelight and then modify the User Agent of the browser.

Why are there so few games for Linux?

There are few games for Linux and one of the reasons may be that there are few potential customers, which puts the video game industry back when it comes to launching its novelties for Linux.