Bum simulator screenshot: beggar begging

Bum Simulator: a homeless life simulator

The world of video games never ceases to amaze us with its new titles, graphic level, and themes. Bum Simulator is one of those titles that stands out precisely for its theme ...


mps-youtube: Play YouTube content from the terminal

Mps-youtube is an open source multiplatform application written in the Python programming language and based on mpv which is an application that allows us to use the terminal to search, play and download music.

Gimp 2.10 Screenshot

How to install Gimp 2.10 on Gnu / Linux

Small tutorial on how to install the latest version of Gimp. Gimp 2.10 is the latest version of this famous and popular graphics editor among many Gnu / Linux users ...


Share your keyboard and mouse with other computers with Synergy

Synergy is a cross-platform and open source application, it is licensed under the GNU General Public License. This application gives us the way to be able to integrate into computers that run on different operating systems, such as Unix, GNU / Linux, Macintosh and Windows.


How to install League of Legends on Linux with PlayOnLinux?

League of Legends also known by its acronym LoL is a fast-paced, competitive, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) and electronic sport video game that combines the speed and intensity of an RTS with RPG elements developed by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and OS X.


StackEdit: a Markdown editor for your web browser

Well, today I come to talk to you about StackEdit which is a modern Markdown editor with open source with all the functions and is the one that Stack Overflow uses by default and that is also used in all its sister sites.


Clipboard Anywhere - A Cross-Platform Clipboard App

Clipboard Anywhere is a clipboard application built with electron, this is totally free, it is lightweight and it is enabled to be able to synchronize with the cloud with the improvement of the copy and paste functions, since it gives us the possibility of accessing the content of our clipboard .

Assassin's Creed Installation Guide on Linux

Assassin's Creed Installation Guide on Linux

I have enjoyed many hours of playing with this title and for years I have followed the game franchise, they will not let me lie, but the first installment was one of the best that left more than one wanting more. We will go on to make the necessary configurations to install our game on Linux.

JPG and PDF icons

How to Convert JPG to PDF on Linux

We show you step by step how to convert an image in JPEG or JPG format to a document in PDF format in a simple way from your favorite Linux distro. Do not miss how to convert a JPG to PDF easily with our tutorial.

Odoo logo

How to install Odoo on Debian 9

Small tutorial on how to install Odoo on a server or on a Debian machine. A process that will allow us to have a powerful ERP software in our company at no cost ...

Crop video

How to cut videos

If you want to cut videos in a direct and powerful way without using programs with a graphical interface, you can see how to do it step by step with the command line tools mencoder and ffmpeg on your Linux distro.

Android Studio

How to install Android Studio on Gnu / Linux

Small tutorial on how to install Android Studio on any Gnu / Linux distribution in a simple and fast way. A tutorial that will allow us to create apps for Android smartphones ...


Learn how to convert videos from the terminal with FFmpeg

FFmpeg allows us to record, convert and stream audio and video, this program is free software, it was originally developed for GNU / Linux environments, but given its great popularity it can also be compiled in most operating systems, including Windows .


Convert CDA to MP3

We show you step by step how to convert CDA to MP3 easily from your GNU / Linux distribution. Without using commands, from a graphical interface, with Asunder.


Lutris a game manager that every gamer should have

Lutris is a free and open source game manager for Linux, this manager has direct support for Steam and also for more than 20 game emulators among which we can include DOSbox, ScummVM, Atari 800, Snes9x, Dolphin, PCSX2 and PPSSPP .


SMTube: Play youtube videos in SMPlayer

SMTube is an application that works in conjunction with the SMPlayer player with which we can navigate the YouTube platform and thus search and play YouTube videos on our computer.


What is a script?

What is a script? A script is a snippet of code or more complex code that can perform simple operations or compose a more complex program. They are written using an interpreted language and in LxA we tell you more about it ... if you want to know more, enter and we will explain it to you.

Steam for Linux

Save space on your disk and use your Steam games in dual boot

Personally, I was faced with a problem, because I did not think to download and have the same games stored in two different partitions, this is a waste of space. So I gave myself the task of looking for a solution, I searched through the Steam help forums and it was always the same answer.


aMule: a very alive abandoned project

We show you how to install and configure aMule, a project that seems abandoned, it has not been contributed to the code since 2016 when its latest version was released, but many users continue to use it. And they are more than you think. If you want to download free content from the Internet, don't miss our tutorial.

Firefox and privacy

How to install Chrome extensions on the new Firefox

Small tutorial on how to install Chrome extensions in new versions of Firefox, that is, the Firefox Quantum version. A simple and functional method that will allow us to have any Chrome extension in Mozilla Firefox.

MKV format logo

How to play MKV on your GNU / Linux distribution

Do you need to play MKV? If you have MKV videos and you don't know how to play them on your favorite GNU Linux distribution, in LxA we give you the steps to follow to be able to enjoy this fantastic format.

Terminus for BASH

Videogames… command line for your BASH

If you want to play from BASH, you should know that there are some interesting games from the command line for your GNU / Linux distribution. You do not believe it?

PDF to Word icons

Convert PDF to Word from Linux

Enter and we will teach you the simple steps to convert a PDF document to Word (doc or docx), etc. And all from your favorite GNU / Linux distro. If you need to transfer your documents from PDF to Word or vice versa, we will show you how to do it with this tutorial.

The Smatch Z console

Smatch Z a very powerful portable console

If you are looking for a portable but powerful console, Smatch Z is your best choice. A game console in which to play games smoothly thanks to its SteamOS operating system and its AMD Ryzen processors with Radeon GPUs


How to save your SteamOS games in an easy way

We are talking about a program that will allow us to save our Steam and SteamOS games. A simple program that will allow us to save everything in a single file and send it to a cloud ...


How to install Blender on Gnu / Linux

Small tutorial on how to install the Blender program on our Gnu / Linux distribution. We are talking about installing it in the main Gnu / Linux distributions not in all ...


Play Yu-Gi-Oh! on Linux with Ygo Pro

On this occasion I will share some of my most precious hobbies, I will take the opportunity to teach you how to install YGO in our system. If you don't know the famous Yu-Gi-Oh! Or you have not even known any of the Anime series that have been created for many years ...


VLC media player is updated to its new version 2.2.8

VLC media player is a famous free and open source multimedia player developed by the VideoLAN project. This great player has several versions for different operating systems, which makes it a multiplatform player.

Official Twitch logo

How to enjoy Twitch on Gnu / Linux

We tell you how to have an unofficial client for Twitch, Amazon's service for streaming video games. In this case we opted for Gnome Twitch, a very popular but unofficial client of this application ...

Php official logo

How to install PHP 7.2 on Ubuntu and Debian

Small tutorial on how to install PHP 7.2 on Debian and other related distributions such as Ubuntu. The programming language version is ideal for testing and experimenting with the new features in this version ...


How to install Firefox 58 on Debian 9

Small tutorial on how to install the latest version of Mozilla Firefox on Debian 9. In this case we have to install Mozilla Firefox 58, a version that has been released a few days ago and that improves the functioning of Firefox Quantum ...

hack pack

Fsociety Hacking Tools Pack: A Pentesting Framework

Fsociety Hacking Tools provides us with several tools destined for different uses, among which we find: Information gathering, Password attacks, Wireless tests, Exploitation tools, Sniffing and Spoofing, Web piracy, Private web piracy, Subsequent exploitation

Spotify logo and Tux rocker

How to remove ads from Spotify?

the popular application for streaming music streaming Spotify, is undoubtedly a great application that allows us to enjoy our music.

Post It

Some cool productivity apps

There are many very good productivity tools for our GNU / Linux environment, too many alternatives that sometimes make it difficult to find ...

Dungeons 3: cover

Dungeons 3 ready to play on GNU / Linux

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUrQvIDo3QI Estamos ante un gran lanzamiento, se trata del videojuego Dungeons 3 que estará disponible para Linux, Mac y Windows…

Popconr Time CE

Install Popcorn Time

We show you how to install Popcorn Time on Linux so that you can enjoy all your movies, series and multimedia gallery.

Linux package extensions

Install programs on Linux

We teach you how to install programs in Linux. Install any package on Linux with this tutorial .tar, .xz, .deb, .rpm, .bin, .run, .sh, .py, .jar, .bz2 and more.


Linux browsers

We analyze the 15 best and most interesting browsers for Linux. An extensive list that will help you choose the best option for you according to your needs


Unzip RAR on Linux

We explain how to install the rar and unrar tools in Linux and how to unzip RAR in Linux or compress files, in addition to installing a GUI

Google chrome logo

Install Chrome on Linux

We show you how to install Chrome on Linux. If you want to install Google Chrome and use it as a browser, follow this step-by-step tutorial


Play PSP games on Linux

If you have video games from the Sony PlayStation Portable that you like and would like to use them from your Linux distribution,…


Install and configure Wine

We show you step by step how to install Wine on any Linux distro and how to configure Wine with examples to install Windows programs and games.

Chris Beard, CEO of Mozilla.

Firefox 57 will be a Big Bang

The CEO of Mozilla has spoken about the new version of Mozilla. A version that will bring Servo as a web engine as well as a big change with Firefox 57 ...


Gedit developer wanted

Gedit, the famous Gnome text editor has been discontinued. The famous tool has stopped developing but it does not mean that it does not work ...

Nautilus on Ubuntu

Nautilus will improve for Gnome 3.26

Nautilus will change with the new version of Gnome. This new version will include new features that will make the file manager more productive and faster ...


LibreOffice is looking for a pet

LibreOffice, the most free and popular office suite, has organized a contest to choose a mascot, a mascot that will be official and distinctive of the suite ...

we steamos

Steam also goes to Flatpak

Steam, Valve's famous software for digital entertainment, is also moving to universal packages. For which…

TOR 7 web browser

TOR 7 web browser now available

The new version of the TOR web browser is now available, this is TOR 7. This browser is based on Mozilla Firefox but uses the TOR network ...

Krita image editor in Spanish

How to put Krita in Spanish

Small tutorial on how to put Krita in Spanish. The increasingly famous image editor is presented in English but we can change it ...

mosh terminal

Mosh: a good alternative to SSH

Mosh (Mobile Shell) is an alternative program to SSH that you will surely like. You already know that for remote connections ...

Home Youtubers Life

Youtubers Life debuts on Linux

U-Play Online promised Linux support for the title Youtubers Life, and the famous youtubers management simulator debuts…