IDS intrusion detection system

Best IDS for Linux

Here you will find what you should know about an IDS and which are the best ones that you can install on your Linux distro

Choose VPN

How a VPN works

VPN services are becoming more and more popular, even more so since telecommuting expanded to maintain security


OpenSCAP: Security Hearing Tools

If you are concerned about the security of your Linux systems and want to audit its status, you will be interested in knowing OpenSCAP

types of fragmentation in RAM

Types of RAM and disk fragmentation

Do you know what fragmentation is? Do you know why it happens? Do you know that it also affects the RAM and not just the hard drive? Do you know the types?

Directory, icon

The Linux / run directory

On other occasions I have already written about other interesting directories in LxA, even about the directory tree of ...

Types of SSDs

How to install Linux on an SSD

Step-by-step installation guide for your GNU / Linux distro on SSD hard drives with M.2, NVMe, PCI Express and Intel OPtane interfaces

Dropbear SSH: lightweight alternative to OpenSSH

If you work remotely with your computer or server, or you just want to make some adjustments using your mobile device without having to be there, Dropbear SSH is a light alternative to the famous OpenSSH project, an interesting option for those who need something less heavy.

Oracle Java Logo

How-to: Install the Latest Version of Oracle Java on Your Linux Distro

Perhaps it has happened to you that you need to have the latest version of Java installed in your GNU / Linux distro and from the repositories of your distribution, Tutorial to install Oracle Java in its latest version in your GNU / Linux distribution, enjoying the benefits of the virtual machine in our system


Switch between different versions of a program in Linux

Surely, and if you do not already know, you know that in Linux several versions of the same program or command can be installed at the same time, that is, we can If you have wondered how to change the version of a command in your GNU / Linux distro , we explain it to you in this simple tutorial


How to defrag partitions in Linux?

Defragmentation is the convenient process by which files are arranged on a disk so that fragments of each of them are not seen, in such a way that the file is contiguous and without spaces within it. Basically the system orders and has a mapping of the position of the files ...


How and when to use Yaourt on Arch Linux and derivatives?

Yaourt is a community-contributed wrapper for Pacman, which adds comprehensive access to the AUR repository, allowing automation of package compilation and installation of PKGBUILDs chosen from the thousands in the AUR, in addition to the thousands of Arch Linux binary packages available.

Back of a router with the different network ports.

How to enable Wake-on-lan in Gnu / Linux

Small tutorial on how to activate the Wake-on-lan function of the network card of our Gnu / Linux system. An interesting function for those who work remotely as they can do ...

Gnome 3.24 desktop on a laptop.

How to create shortcuts in Gnu / Linux

Small guide on how to create and configure shortcuts in any Gnu / Linux distribution. This can be achieved through the .desktop files that are compatible with any Gnu / Linux distribution

USB pendrive

Write Protected Pendrive on Linux

If you want to unprotect a pen drive or USB memory from its write protection or if you want to put write protection so that it can only be read, in this article we will show you how.


Change the paths of personal folders

Within the routes that are created in the operating system we have the personal folders where they are supposed to be used to store the different types of files or also to be able to categorize our documents and files within them.

Octopi a powerful software manager for Pacman

If you are a Manjaro Linux user, you will know Octopi perfectly, which is an excellent software manager with which we can install and manage the packages found within the repositories.

Debian Stretch

How to enable sudo on Debian Stretch

Small guide on how to enable and make the sudo command work in Debian Stretch, the latest version of the most famous and popular mother distro of all time.

Disable USB storage in Linux

There are several ways to disable storage on media connected through the USB port of your computer, this can be ...