Linux note taking apps

Linux note taking apps

In this post we classify note-taking applications for Linux and recommend some of the available titles.

Red Hat turns 30

30 years of Red Hat

On March 27, 2023, it will be 30 years old. The company started by selling Linux distributions on cd and today is the market leader.

SUSE changes its top executive

SUSE has a new CEO

The Luxembourg company SUSE has a new CEO. He is a veteran of the Linux world coming from Red Hat and SCO

In Linux we find 4 main types of writing programs.

Linux writing apps

As the extensive list of applications available in the repositories is extensive, we make a list of applications to write on Linux.

Six mathematicians dealt with ENIAC programming.

The ENIAC girls

We remember the ENIAC girls, the six mathematicians responsible for programming what was the fastest computer of its time.

Red Hat adds new trading partners.

Red Hat continues to add deals

The news from the MVC tell us that Red Hat continues to add agreements with industry leaders to lead in telecommunications.

PyRadio is a tool to manage and play radio stations.

How to listen to radio in Linux

Since it is still one of the most popular ways to find entertainment and information, we will tell you how to listen to radio on Linux.

Excessive trust in ChatGPT can bring problems

ChatGPT's cave

The ChatGPT cave, in the style of the well-known Plato cave, reminds us not to blindly trust AIs

The hard disk is the main information storage medium.

How to repair a hard drive

We will tell you how to detect problems and repair a hard drive using the different tools included in Linux.

Linux can adjust the time automatically or we can do it from the terminal or the desktop.

How to change the time in Linux

In this article we will see how to change the time in Linux in addition to knowing the way in which our computer registers the passage of time.

I tell my experience with ChatGPT

My experience with ChatGPT

In this post I tell my experience with ChatGPT. The artificial intelligence tool answers some questions about Linux.