Mycroft AI

Mycroft AI can now run on Linux

Mycroft IA is being ported to fit the Linux desktop, competing with Siri or Cortana and making a mature speech recognition project.

Python logo

Top Three Open Source Python IDEs

We present three good IDEs for Python that you can install on your GNU / Linux distribution and develop software in this programming language.

Firefox OS already has WhatsApp

Firefox OS has officially received WhatsApp, an app expected by many and that we can even say that it led to the decline of the Mozilla platform

Linux package extensions

What are Linux meta-packages?

We introduce you to the world of metapackages in Linux, we show you what they are, what they can do for you and how to create them in a simple way on your distro.

UBUNTU 15 Vivid Vervet

New vulnerabilities detected in Ubuntu

A few days ago, we had published a piece of news in which it said that vulnerabilities had been detected in Ubuntu operating systems, because these days ...


Linux sucks ... Spanish-style

Criticizing Linux is not attacking it, but improving it. Maybe we should reflect and not be a Linux Taliban, but help its progress and development.

Gmail logo

Open source alternatives for GMAIL

Gmail is an extraordinary service, but it is not the only one, here we show you the best open source alternatives that exist for you to choose from.


Shodan the Google of hackers

Shodan is another alternative to Google that is known as "the Google of hackers" because of its powerful filters to be able to carry out very interesting searches.


Kore, an essential app for our Kodi

Kore is an official app of the Kodi project that will help us to have a remote control for the Kodi software only using our Android smartphone.


Enhance your monitor screen with f.lux

F.Lux is a program that manipulates the brightness of our monitor depending on the geographical position and the time, adjusting it to ambient and natural light.

Makeblock mBOT

mBOT: robot to learn to program

Learning to program by playing is the goal of many projects, one of them being Makeblock's mBOT, a cheap and open source android for classrooms.

Gnome 3.16

Gnome 3.16 is now available

Gnome 3.16 has already been released, the latest stable version of the popular and popular Gnu / Linux desktop that incorporates more than 33.000 community changes.

Tux, Logo WIndows and Samba

Samba 4.2.0 available for download

Samba 4.2.0 is the new stable version of this software that is now available for download and installation on different sharing platforms.

calligra 2.9

Calligra 2.9 ready for download

Calligra 2.9 is an office suite developed by the KDE group and based on Qt. It is multiplatform, free, free, professional and very complete.

Welcome home: Linux

Welcome: Top Tips for Linux Newcomers

We offer you the best tips so that you can adapt and know how to choose your best distribution and help you in the first steps with Linux. Easy for you

Linux Robot

5 robots that work thanks to Linux

Some robots and drones work thanks to Linux and other free software projects. In this article we analyze 5 of the most striking social robots

Netflix screen

Netflix available for Ubuntu

Netflix now has support for Ubuntu. The online movies and series platform lands in the Linux world, at least in the Canonical distribution

Ubuntu Phone OS: Requirements

The first device with UbuntuPhone OS installed is expected in 2014, but we already know the first requirements proposed by Canonical.

Linux distributions

The 7 Best Linux Distros of 2012 article with the 7 best Linux distributions in this year 2012 based on the experience and personal opinion of the author.

Linux or Windows. The eternal debate

Linux or Windows

Linux or Windows. It is the eternal question, the eternal debate (between good and evil?). Find out which operating system is better and why.

Aironux v1.7

Download free music with Aironux

Aironux is a program to download free music in direct download. It is not necessary to wait for seeds or connections from other users.

Linus Torvalds

The history of Linux

Brief history of Linux. Summary of how Linus Torvalds created the Linux operating system. What were your motivations and how did you manage to create it?

Computer security is essential

How to protect files in Linux

With the chattr command in Linux we can make it difficult for a malicious intruder to interact with our files and damage the computer.

Pidgin, instant messaging program for Linux

Instant messaging for Linux

Small list with some of the instant messaging applications available for Linux. Then you choose the one you like the most.

lpi logo

Linux courses and LPI certification

The acronym LPI stands for "Linux Professional Institute", and it is a non-profit organization dedicated to the certification of Linux professionals.

Free Software for SMEs and Freelancers

Free software for SMEs and freelancers

Today there are many possibilities when choosing free software for SMEs and freelancers. It is a field that has advanced a lot and we have numerous applications within the reach of a click.

Linux Grub

Linux Grub (V). Grub notations

We reached the end of the installment on Grub notations, obviously there are many more but we have only stopped to explain the most important ones about Grub starting and that usually interfere with almost all the problems that are reported of corruption.

Linux Grub

Linux Grub (II). Grub notations

GRUB has its own notation, which is very similar, although somewhat different from the general notation that a typical Linux user might present.

Linux Grub

Linux Grub (I). What is it and how it works?

GRUB is one of the most important parts of Linux, but it can also be one of the most troublesome. In this article we explain what it is and how it works from the simplest perspective.

Jdownloader to download files from Linux

Jdownloader to download files from Linux

Jdownloader is a free download manager that allows you to download files from the main hosting sites such as RapidShare, Megaupload, DepositFiles, Gigasize, Filesonic, Fileserve, Mediafire, etc.

Free Software license types

Types of Free Software licenses

Free or open source software can be under different use licenses, the fact that a software is classified as free does not automatically make it free software, so it is advisable to know the types of license that are handled in this type of Software to better understand how it works.

Social networks and the elderly

Social media today

Social networks are now widely used by society in general, and by the elderly in particular. The percentage of people over 65 years of age who are launching into the world of new technologies is increasing.

Differences between Linux and Windows

Linux vs Windows. Basic differences

Basic differences between Windows and Linux. Both operating systems have their advantages and disadvantages. In this article we analyze them so that you can start to create your own opinion.

What is Stallman's speech?

The First National Free Software Congress was recently held in Chile, as one of its speakers will know, and ...

Unity on Ubuntu

Linuxeros living in the past

I've been a gnulinux user for 10 years. It is the OS I currently use. But there is something that I still do not understand: ...

Microsoft Vs Google

The new fight of the year between two giant corporations is going to get interesting. And I'm not talking about Microsoft and ...

deb vs. rpm

Possibly something that many have wondered, especially when starting in Linux is not only what management system ...

Types of users in Linux.

Clarify that I did not do statistical studies or anything similar, nor do I personally know someone from each group. In the little ...

Almost 200 posts

200 posts are coming up in LXA! and I would like to tell you a little about the back stage of the blog to relax us ...

Testing Tiny Core Linux

I had a feeling that this Tiny Core Linux was something good and no, not because it weighs either, I mean, it is also something brilliant, ...

Linux users must change

This weekend things happened to us that we had never dealt with, perhaps in the future we will publicly expose everything ...

Testing LXDE

I remember that immediately after installing Debian Lenny, I wanted to test the LXDE environment that had just been integrated into Debian….

Linux forums and fear

One of the biggest fears in getting into Linux is knowing how to deal with the Linux forums, many of them ...

Hackers: are you one of them?

Finally, Thursday arrived and with it the results of the very complex: razz: survey from last Tuesday. And the answers ...

Why are there so few games for Linux?

There are few games for Linux and one of the reasons may be that there are few potential customers, which puts the video game industry back when it comes to launching its novelties for Linux.

From Ubuntu to Debian

I don't consider myself an advanced or technical user at all, I hardly use my PC to browse, chat, create documents, listen ...

Is Open Source profitable?

Richard Stallman says: Free Software is not free software (…) in fact you can make money with Software…

Canonical Ubuntu (logos)

Ubuntu installer + crack

On this occasion, I am going to tell you about two situations regarding Windows and Linux that really caught my attention….

LiveCD - an excellent option

A Live CD or Live DVD, more generically Live Distro is an operating system stored on removable media that can be run from it without having to install it on the hard drive.

And what is Compiz Fusion?

Compiz Fusion is the fusion between two software projects: Compiz and Beryl. Compiz is a window editor. Beryl is a 'special' fork of the original Compiz project.

Nothing is free in life

The crowd is wondering (and probably you on your PC) how can Linux be free in almost all its presentations? ...

3D, animation, Linux and Windows

According to The Inquirer: “In the film industry Linux has won, being used in practically all servers and desktops dedicated to…

Testing Linux: PendriveLinux

We continue to review alternatives on how to test Linux and not die trying, we are going with an alternative that will not leave ...