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NetBSD 8.0 released with security patches

NetBSD 8.0 has been released with major security enhancements. Lovers of open source alternatives should know that the operating system The open source operating system NetBSD 8.0 has already been released with important security improvements with the new patches that have been implemented.

Performance graph sysbench

Sysbench: perform performance tests on your computer

Performance tests or benchmarks are quite important in many cases where you need to know the performance of a machine. Put to the test Run performance tests on your GNU / Linux machine thanks to the sysbench benchmarking software that we show you in our article

KDE Apps

KDE Applications 18.08 Software Suite Enters Beta Stage

KDE Applications 18.08 Software Suite has entered its Beta stage of development, so we will just have to wait a little longer to enjoy KDE Applications 18.08 Software Suite enters its Beta stage of development and soon we will be able to enjoy the final version with all the improvements

LyX, a word processor

LyX, more than a TeX editor

We are talking about LyX, an independent word processor that processes LaTeX and that we can use it as a good alternative to LibreOffice Writer ...


3 of the best free alternatives to Ccleaner on Linux

If you have been migrating from Windows I am almost sure that you know, have listened to or have used CCleaner which is one of the optimizers and system cleaners. CCleaner, a powerful and popular Windows PC cleaner that finds and removes junk files and more.


Microsoft buys GitHub for $ 7.500 billion

Several rumors occurred about the purchase of GitHub and Microsoft was the one who gave the official announcement of its new acquisition. Microsoft intends with this purchase to promote programming tools and have better and constant development of free software on GitHub.


Flacon: A utility to extract audio tracks in Linux

If you have the need to extract one or more audio tracks, the following application can be extremely useful. Flacon is a free and open source application distributed under the GNU Library Public License version (LGPL) version 2 written in C ++ and built using the Qt libraries.


Wekan: an application for the management of production flows

Wekan is a free and open source application based on the Kanban concept, a term of Japanese origin that literally means "card" or "signage". This is a concept normally related to the use of cards (post-it and others) to indicate the progress of production flows in companies.


How to install the C and C ++ compiler on Atom?

In this new article that is especially focused on new users, how to configure Atom so that it allows us to work with the C programming language in our system. Due to the characteristics of the Atom editor, it tends to be light during its installation process.


How to install the Atom code editor on Linux?

Atom is an open source source code editor for macOS, Linux, and Windows1 with support for plug-ins written in Node.js and built-in Git version control, developed by GitHub. Atom is a desktop application built using web technologies.


Cryptocurrency mining is legal for Canonical

Canonical has spoken out about its incident with the snap package store. An incident that shows that cryptocurrency mining can be dangerous even if it is legal and can be taken to any format including the snap format ...

Portable ASUS Zen

Guide: how to choose a laptop

Complete guide to buy the best laptop according to your needs. We show you the characteristics that you should look at to make the best purchase.

Microsoft hates Linxu

Microsoft seems to be attacking the competition through patents

We have already commented on many occasions that Microsoft has earned more from patents than from certain of its products. An example is Windows Mobile, for which they have entered less than for the patents that have been charged to Android devices for FAT.


Ardor - An Open Source Professional Audio Editor

Ardor is a cross-platform digital audio workstation that you can use for multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, and mixing of audio. This is an open source application, distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Openexpo 2018 poster

OpenExpo 2018 for first level training

We are proud to present Openexpo 2018 in Spain, your favorite event on open source technologies and free software that will focus on first level training.


3 of the best Twitter clients to use on Linux

Twitter is a microblogging service that allows us to send short-length plain text messages, with a maximum of 280 characters, previously 140 characters. This is considered one of the most used social networks worldwide, where most politicians and companies renown has an account.


3 of the best GitHub clients to use on Linux

Currently GitHub is considered as a social network for programmers where they can share their projects with the community and receive support or improvements for them. The code for projects hosted on GitHub is typically stored publicly, albeit using a paid account and keeping it private.

DJ Mixxx 2.1

DJ Mixxx 2.1: an excellent alternative to Virtual DJ

DJ Mixxx is an excellent alternative to Virtual DJ if you have been migrating from Windows and are looking for a similar application for Linux. It is a free and open source multiplatform application (Linux, Windows and Mac) that allows us to make mixes.

New KaOS interface

The KaOS distribution turns 5

One of the most popular Gnu / Linux distributions in the KDE world has turned 5 years old. And to celebrate it, KaOS has launched a special version of its operating system, a version that renews and improves its distribution ...


How to install Cinnamon 3.8 on Linux?

Just a few days ago, the new version of the Cinnamon desktop environment was released, reaching version 3.8 in a stable way, which offers us various bug fixes and some new features that we can enjoy by installing it on our system.

Steam for Linux

Install Steam on Ubuntu 18.04 and enjoy this gaming platform

Steam is a multiplayer platform developed by Valve Corporation. It is used to distribute games and related media online. Steam provides the user with automatic software installation and management on multiple computers, community features such as friend lists.


FFmpeg has been updated to its new version 4.0

FFmpeg has been recently updated coming after six months of the 3.x series, FFMpeg 4.0 introduces the bitstream filters for current H.264, MPEG-2 and HEVC metadata editing, an experimental MagicYUV encoder.


GnuCash an open source accounting software for Linux

GnuCash is a free personal finance system under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and multiplatform, this application uses double entry, that is, GnuCash registers two entries, one for him must and another for credit and the sum of debit and debit. coincide.


FreeCAD a cross-platform free alternative to AutoCAD

FreeCAD a cross-platform open source application with support for Windows, Mac and Linux designed primarily for designing real-life objects of any size. Parametric modeling allows you to easily modify your design by going back to your model history and changing its parameters.


Stella a cross-platform and open source Atari 2600 emulator

Emulators allow you to enjoy all kinds of old and specific games all from the comfort of your system, without having to make extra connections or add hardware to your computer to do so. For example, you can play Nintendo 64, Nintendo Wii, Game Cube and Sega games on Linux with the correct emulator


Museeks a lightweight Electron-based music player

Museeks is an open source, cross-platform music player that is written in Node.js, Electron, and React.js. It has two user interfaces, one light and the other dark, it has support for mp3, mp4, m4a, aac, wav, ogg and 3gpp file formats.

Wordpress on Linux

How to install WordPress on Linux?

Once the correct installation of XAMPP has been made in our distribution, we will now take the opportunity to install Wordpress on our computers to be able to carry out our pertinent tests, whether it be the creation or modification of themes or plugins for this CMS.


How to install XAMPP on Linux?

Today I will share with you how we can install XAMPP with which we will support ourselves to be able to set up our own web server on our team, either to be able to perform internal tests or to launch our team as such.

Vega 20

Radeon Vega 20 Leaked in AMD Linux Updates

The new patch appears to feature support for more than 50 new Vega-specific hardware-level features that were previously absent from the Linux kernel or only partially implemented. Most of the updates come in the form of six new PCIe IDs registered in a patch.


6 Lightweight Web Browsers for Linux

Although in most of the most used Linux distributions they usually include Firefox as the default browser, there are also distributions that implement others such as Tor, Chrome, Chromium among others. But honestly I personally differ from the browser selection they implement.


Optimize the use of your laptop battery with TLP

One of the first recommendations that even applies to any equipment that has a battery, is to avoid using it when you are charging it. That is why I share with you a great tool that can be very useful, it is called TLP.


What to do after installing openSUSE tumbleweed

After a correct installation of openSUSE tumbleweed on our computer, some extra adjustments remain to be made, as such this is not an official guide, it is only based on what is most demanded by the community. That is why this information was gathered in a single article, it is not necessary to do everything ...

7 CentOS

CentOS 7 installation guide step by step

Without a doubt, CentOS is the operating system that web servers tend to occupy the most, as it is a fairly robust and highly configurable system. This from my part I have verified since in almost all the providers of dedicated servers I have found CentOS as the default system.


Optimize your Firefox browser to the maximum

Tired of the ridiculous consumption of resources by the Firefox browser, here I share some settings so that you can make the most of your browser and MB of RAM by eliminating unnecessary options.

Grub Rescue.

How to repair GRUB without LiveCD?

First, the main cause of this error is due to the fact that our boot loader is damaged, for whatever reason, either due to the update of a new Kernel, the system or some application or by carelessness you simply damaged a file in this section of your system .

MegaSync on Linux

Install and get 50GB in the cloud with MegaSync on Linux

Mega is a storage service in the Cloud, this is the successor of the famous Megaupload which the founder of both Kim Dotcom since the closure of Megaupload had already promised to raise the service again, but this time something better.

Solution to the "Read-only file system" error

Solution to the error "Read-only file system"

The system protects itself, since the disk you are using is no longer optimal for storing data, which means that it is only put in read mode so it only allows us to access the data, but without instead it does not allow us be able to make changes within it.

hat logo

How to add fonts in Fedora

Small guide on how to install or add new fonts in our Fedora distribution. A simple and fast process that we can use in the latest versions of Fedora ...


aMule: a very alive abandoned project

We show you how to install and configure aMule, a project that seems abandoned, it has not been contributed to the code since 2016 when its latest version was released, but many users continue to use it. And they are more than you think. If you want to download free content from the Internet, don't miss our tutorial.

pulse audio error

Solution to Permission denied problem E: [pulseaudio] main.c:

After having installed and configured Voyager 16.04 GS on my desktop computer, I was in the last settings to be able to sit down and have a game of RE6 peacefully when I am finding the following error "Home directory not accessible: Permission denied" .

Firefox and privacy

How to install Chrome extensions on the new Firefox

Small tutorial on how to install Chrome extensions in new versions of Firefox, that is, the Firefox Quantum version. A simple and functional method that will allow us to have any Chrome extension in Mozilla Firefox.

Wine 3.3 vulkan

Wine 3.3 development release starts with support for Vulkan

After several weeks of development and with quite positive results, the people behind the development of Wine have announced the release of a new development version of this, reaching its new version Wine 3.3. The development version of Wine 3.3 comes with several important improvements among them.

Use USB to boot a system in VirtualBox

How to boot from USB in VirtualBox?

In this case a problem has occurred to me and it is that I had to start a system that I already have on a USB so when trying to boot this device in VirutalBox, it is not possible in a normal way. The logical thing would be to place the USB in the list of devices in the Virtual machine configuration, but ...

Chromecast first generation

Install Chromecast from Linux

We show you how to install Chromecast from Linux and what you have to do to send streaming content from your computer or mobile device. If you want to watch movies on TV from your Linux PC, the Chromecast is a great wireless alternative. Do you know how to use it?


Download youtube videos from the terminal with Youtube-dl

One of the most common activities that you can perform within your operating system or even from your smartphone is viewing videos, and for this there is a worldwide known platform that you probably already know. That's right, I mean YouTube, on this platform we find content for everything.

Chrome logo along with ChromeBook

ChromeOS will be compatible with Gnu / Linux applications

Google's ChromeOS will be compatible with Gnu / Linux virtual machines and this will allow the arrival of Gnu / Linux applications to the Google operating system. An arrival that will have more expectations than successes due to other compatibility of Google's operating system ...


10 terminal emulators for your system

The use of the terminal in Linux is essential at any time so it is almost impossible not to depend on it. There are different terminal emulators with which we can work within our favorite distribution.


How to install Blender on Gnu / Linux

Small tutorial on how to install the Blender program on our Gnu / Linux distribution. We are talking about installing it in the main Gnu / Linux distributions not in all ...

Cloud 4-9

Install the Nuvola Player streaming music player on Linux

Nuvola Player is an online music player which allows us to play our music lists from different streaming music services, including Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon Cloud Player, Deezer, 8tracks, Pandora Radio, Rdio , Hype Machine and Grooveshark.


Install the Jdownloader download manager on Linux

Jdownloader is a free download manager written in Java, which is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. This manager allows users to easily start, stop, pause and stop downloads, it also has a bandwidth limit.

LibreOffice logo

Install the new version of LibreOffice 6.0 on Linux

Today The Document Foundation has announced the new launch of its Office suite and thus also celebrating its seventh anniversary. In this new version of LibreOffice, various improvements and corrections have been implemented and, above all, some new functions have been added.


Install Linux on your Android with Linux Deploy

In this case we will use an application that is hosted within the Google repositories this is "Linux Deploy" I leave the link so that you can install it here, it is important for me to mention that it is necessary to have root privileges.


Connect your Android from Chrome with Vysor

Having the need to be able to control my Android phone from my work pc, where I have almost everything limited thanks to sysadmin, I had to look for an application that will allow me to connect remotely without the need to install a client on the pc.

Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark

Ubuntu 17.10 is now available again for download

Well and taking advantage of the moment, Canonical has ultimately made the ISO of its Ubuntu operating system available to the public again in its latest stable version which is 17.10, this because in previous days it had withdrawn from its download site the link of this.


Install LINSET on Kali Linux

Linset with its acronym in English Linset Is Not a Social Enginering Tool is an application developed in the Linux environment that allows us to audit a network.


Elive closer to launching Elive 3.0

One of the most famous lightweight distributions, Elive, has released one more development version, being closer than ever to launching Elive 3.0 ...

Ubuntu 17.10 Mascot

Ubuntu 17.10 is now available

The new version of Ubuntu is now available. Ubuntu 17.10 comes with Gnome as the main desktop and many more surprises for 64 bits ...

Post It

Some cool productivity apps

There are many very good productivity tools for our GNU / Linux environment, too many alternatives that sometimes make it difficult to find ...

By 5

Librem 5 gets the financing it needed

The first smartphone with Gnu / Linux, Librem 5 has obtained the necessary financing for its construction and sale. That is, the Purism terminal will be real

Krita image editor in Spanish

Krita 3.3 released for Linux

Krita 3.3. It comes for Linux, for Windows and for Mac, bringing with it new features such as improved performance.

Kali linux

Kali Linux Tools

Looking for Kali Linux tools? Enter and discover which are the best. If you do not know what Kali Linux is, we will also explain it to you.

Linux package extensions

Install programs on Linux

We teach you how to install programs in Linux. Install any package on Linux with this tutorial .tar, .xz, .deb, .rpm, .bin, .run, .sh, .py, .jar, .bz2 and more.

Linux Bootable USB Pendrive

How to create a bootable USB

The best methods to make a bootable USB with Linux and Windows .. If you want to install Linux from a USB, we teach you how to create a bootable USB.