How to install Blender on Gnu / Linux

Small tutorial on how to install the Blender program on our Gnu / Linux distribution. We are talking about installing it in the main Gnu / Linux distributions not in all ...

Cloud 4-9

Install the Nuvola Player streaming music player on Linux

Nuvola Player is an online music player which allows us to play our music lists from different streaming music services, including Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon Cloud Player, Deezer, 8tracks, Pandora Radio, Rdio , Hype Machine and Grooveshark.


Install the Jdownloader download manager on Linux

Jdownloader is a free download manager written in Java, which is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. This manager allows users to easily start, stop, pause and stop downloads, it also has a bandwidth limit.

LibreOffice logo

Install the new version of LibreOffice 6.0 on Linux

Today The Document Foundation has announced the new launch of its Office suite and thus also celebrating its seventh anniversary. In this new version of LibreOffice, various improvements and corrections have been implemented and, above all, some new functions have been added.


Install Linux on your Android with Linux Deploy

In this case we will use an application that is hosted within the Google repositories this is "Linux Deploy" I leave the link so that you can install it here, it is important for me to mention that it is necessary to have root privileges.


Connect your Android from Chrome with Vysor

Having the need to be able to control my Android phone from my work pc, where I have almost everything limited thanks to sysadmin, I had to look for an application that will allow me to connect remotely without the need to install a client on the pc.

Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark

Ubuntu 17.10 is now available again for download

Well and taking advantage of the moment, Canonical has ultimately made the ISO of its Ubuntu operating system available to the public again in its latest stable version which is 17.10, this because in previous days it had withdrawn from its download site the link of this.


Install LINSET on Kali Linux

Linset with its acronym in English Linset Is Not a Social Enginering Tool is an application developed in the Linux environment that allows us to audit a network.


Elive closer to launching Elive 3.0

One of the most famous lightweight distributions, Elive, has released one more development version, being closer than ever to launching Elive 3.0 ...

Ubuntu 17.10 Mascot

Ubuntu 17.10 is now available

The new version of Ubuntu is now available. Ubuntu 17.10 comes with Gnome as the main desktop and many more surprises for 64 bits ...

Post It

Some cool productivity apps

There are many very good productivity tools for our GNU / Linux environment, too many alternatives that sometimes make it difficult to find ...

By 5

Librem 5 gets the financing it needed

The first smartphone with Gnu / Linux, Librem 5 has obtained the necessary financing for its construction and sale. That is, the Purism terminal will be real

Krita image editor in Spanish

Krita 3.3 released for Linux

Krita 3.3. It comes for Linux, for Windows and for Mac, bringing with it new features such as improved performance.

Kali linux

Kali Linux Tools

Looking for Kali Linux tools? Enter and discover which are the best. If you do not know what Kali Linux is, we will also explain it to you.

Linux package extensions

Install programs on Linux

We teach you how to install programs in Linux. Install any package on Linux with this tutorial .tar, .xz, .deb, .rpm, .bin, .run, .sh, .py, .jar, .bz2 and more.

Linux Bootable USB Pendrive

How to create a bootable USB

The best methods to make a bootable USB with Linux and Windows .. If you want to install Linux from a USB, we teach you how to create a bootable USB.


Linux browsers

We analyze the 15 best and most interesting browsers for Linux. An extensive list that will help you choose the best option for you according to your needs


Unzip RAR on Linux

We explain how to install the rar and unrar tools in Linux and how to unzip RAR in Linux or compress files, in addition to installing a GUI

IP networks

How to know my IP in Linux

Tutorial in which we teach you the command to know your IP in Linux. If you want to find out your network address, ifconfig is your ally. Learn how to use

Canonical vs Microsoft Logos

Canonical Ubuntu vs. Windows 10

We conducted a comparative analysis on these two operating systems that are vying for the future of the desktop. Ubuntu vs Windows 10, who will win?


Install and configure Wine

We show you step by step how to install Wine on any Linux distro and how to configure Wine with examples to install Windows programs and games.

Chris Beard, CEO of Mozilla.

Firefox 57 will be a Big Bang

The CEO of Mozilla has spoken about the new version of Mozilla. A version that will bring Servo as a web engine as well as a big change with Firefox 57 ...

Krita image editor in Spanish

Krita stumbles upon the Dutch Treasury

The Krita Foundation has announced that it has had problems with the Dutch Treasury, ending with a large fine that has drained the resources of the Foundation ...


Gedit developer wanted

Gedit, the famous Gnome text editor has been discontinued. The famous tool has stopped developing but it does not mean that it does not work ...

Adobe Flash Player bug

Adobe will kill Flash by 2020

Adobe, the company behind Flash, has announced that it will kill web technology by 2020, helping to make abandonment the least traumatic.

we steamos

Steam also goes to Flatpak

Steam, Valve's famous software for digital entertainment, is also moving to universal packages. For which…

Linux Kernel

Linux 4.11 RC7 Release!

On April 16, the new candidate version of the Linux kernel was released, I'm talking about Linux 4.11 Release Candidate 7…

mosh terminal

Mosh: a good alternative to SSH

Mosh (Mobile Shell) is an alternative program to SSH that you will surely like. You already know that for remote connections ...

Docker Logo: Container Loaded Whale

Docker: all about containers

  As you already know, there are several types of virtualization, one of them is virtualization at the operating system level, ...

Manjaro KDE 17, screenshot.

Manjaro KDE 17 now available

Manjaro KDE 17 is the new version of Manjaro with the KDE desktop, a version that has the nickname of Gellivara and is now available to everyone ...