Linux on DeX

Samsung users can now try Linux on Dex

Linux on DeX is here and it is already a possibility for Android in desktop mode. For those who are still unaware of the "Samsung DeX" project, they should ...

Screenshot of the post by Clement Lefebvre that gave rise to the two views on the Linux Mint case

Two views on the Linux Mint case

We discussed two views on the Linux Mint case and the Linux desktop situation in general. All this from a post by Clement Lefebvre

Slimbook Katana 2

Top7 LxA: Best Linux Laptops

Analysis of the best Linux laptops you can buy on the market. The best alternatives to Windows that will make you fall in love

CRM Open Source Software

The best open source CRMs

If you are looking for a good CRM software, we are going to show you the best open source projects you can find to manage

GNU's pet

The importance of GNU

Have you used Python, Wordpress, Ruby, C, C ++, Apache? You owe the freedom of these programs and many more to GNU and its GPL license.

Windows with Linux background

MS-Linux: an exercise in imagination

Microsoft has changed a lot in recent years, an operating system with Linux is becoming more feasible every day, do you want to see what would happen ...?