Chromium OS

Chromium OS for Raspberry Pi 2

Chromium OS continues to evolve, now you can download the second build released for the Raspberry Pi 2 SBC board. The open operating system comes to Pi

Puppy slacko

Puppy 6.3 Slacko is now available

Puppy 6.3 Slacko is a version of Puppy Linux that is based on Slackware 14.1. It is a lightweight distribution with kernel 4.1 and is distributed for 32 bits

Tux with C code (Hello)

Linux 4.4: its new features

The new version of the kernel is coming soon. Linux 4.4 will bring great improvements and no less than 20,8 million lines of source code. The project grows.


ClearOS 7.1.0 released!

ClearOS 7.1.0 is the new version of this Linux distribution designed for medium and small companies. Alternative for Windows Business Server.

ReactOS logo

ReactOS, an open source Windows

ReactOS is an open source operating system, which has the main function of being a kind of Windows clone. ReactoOS is not a clone of ...


Tiny Core Linux 6.4

For a few days, we have a new stable version of this small operating system, version 6.4 of Tiny Core Linux is now available for ...

Debian logo Jessie

Debian 8.2 is released

The Debian project has just announced the release of a new version of its operating system, Debian GNU / Linux 8.2 has been released ...

Linux Lite Desktop

Linux Lite 2.6 is out

Today, Jerry Bezencon, creator of the Linux Lite distribution, has announced the release of a new version of it, 2.6 ...

Kali Linux Logo

Kali Linux 2.0 is out

It has finally arrived, we have been waiting for it for quite some time and we already have the full version of the famous ...

Gnome 3.16

Gnome 3.16 is now available

Gnome 3.16 has already been released, the latest stable version of the popular and popular Gnu / Linux desktop that incorporates more than 33.000 community changes.

Welcome home: Linux

Welcome: Top Tips for Linux Newcomers

We offer you the best tips so that you can adapt and know how to choose your best distribution and help you in the first steps with Linux. Easy for you

Linux Robot

5 robots that work thanks to Linux

Some robots and drones work thanks to Linux and other free software projects. In this article we analyze 5 of the most striking social robots

SEANux Linux

SEANux: new Linux distribution

SEANux is the product of the Syrian Electronic Army group, this community of hackers has developed its own Linux distribution that not much is known yet