Apricity OS

Apricity OS is discontinued

Apricity OS is officially discontinued, which means that no more versions will be released for this operating system.

arch linux logo

Arch Linux 2017.05.01 is available

We already have here the Arch Linux operating system in its version of April 2017, a version that updates the Kernel and the programs included in it.

Linux Kernel

Linux 4.11 RC7 Release!

On April 16, the new candidate version of the Linux kernel was released, I'm talking about Linux 4.11 Release Candidate 7…

Gnome 3.24 desktop on a laptop.

Top 5 Gnome Shell Extensions

Small list of the extensions that we must use in Gnome Shell so that the desktop is more functional and effective, something that users are looking for ...

mosh terminal

Mosh: a good alternative to SSH

Mosh (Mobile Shell) is an alternative program to SSH that you will surely like. You already know that for remote connections ...

Image of the LXDE spin of Fedora.

Fedora 26 release is also delayed

Fedora 26 development continues to lag. The alpha version will be released on April 4 as well as the final release that will be at the end of June

Hibernate menu in Ubuntu.

Hibernation in Gnu / Linux

Sometimes it happens that we do not have time to turn off the pc, other times that we do not want to turn it off, for this there are functions such as Hibernation in Gnu / Linux

Fedora 25

Fedora 25 ISO images get updated

The Fedora team has released a new ISO image of Fedora 25 spins and Labs, ISO images containing the latest system security patches ...

PowerShell screenshot

Install PowerShell on Linux

We already announced that PowerShell, Microsoft's "powerful" tool to extend a little more the capabilities of the terminal that ...

TABLE 3D Library

Mesa guide: for you developers

Today I would like to tell you about a guide that I found. But first I would like to talk a bit about the graphics stack ...

semicode OS

SemiCode OS

We almost always talk about the best-known distributions, in some cases, present some for more specific purposes, and ...

Ultimate Edition 5.0

Ultimate Edition 5.0 is out

In case someone does not know it, Ultimate Edition is a distribution based on Ubuntu and specially designed for video games, it is ...

CentOS 7 (1611) is out

Today we have good news for those who love very long support server operating systems. CentOS 7 (1611), an operating system, is out.

Devuan Gnu + Linux

Devuan Gnu + Linux already has beta 2

Devuan Gnu + Linux already has a beta of its next version, a version that will be based on Debian but without Systemd Init, while beta 2 must be tested ...

Fedora 25

Fedora 25 Now Available!

Fedora 25 is now available to everyone. The new version of Fedora will be the first that Wayland has and also combine it with Flatpak packages ...

Zorin OS 12

Zorin OS 12 is now available

Zorin OS 12 is the new version of the Zorin OS distribution. A version that is based on ubuntu 16.04 but has some improvements like Google Drive ...

Debian Stretch

Debian 9 enters the freeze phase

On November 5, it was announced that the future and expected Debian 9 has already entered the freeze phase, a phase that is the previous phase.

Ubuntu 16.10 Roadmap

Officially available Ubuntu 16.10

We are already in October and you already know what that means, that a new version of Ubuntu has arrived, it is the Ubuntu 16.10 version.

Tux with C code (Hello)

Linux Kernel 4.8.1 is released

Due to the vulnerability detected in Kernel 4.8, the first maintenance version of this version of the Kernel has already been released, version 4.8.1


Fedora 26 will arrive next June 6

The new Fedora 25 has not yet been released and we already have the official Fedora 26 schedule, a schedule that is not final yet but will end in June.

This is Lumina 1.0

The immediate availability of the Lumina 1.0 desktop, a desktop that is already available in most repositories, was recently announced.

Wifislax 4.12 available

The wireless security team has just announced the immediate availability of a new version of Wifislax, specifically version 4.12, which is now available.

Tux breaking the "window"

5 Linux alternatives to Windows 7

Many users have stopped having Windows 7 as a good operating system for their computers. We propose 5 linux alternatives to change the OS ..

Linux Kernel

10 reasons to use a lightweight desktop

As we all already know, there are two types of desktops in the linux world, the standard desktop and the lightweight desktop, we will see reasons to install lightweight.


Ubuntu 14.04.5 is now available

Ubuntu keeps updating its versions not only the current version but also the old LTS versions such as Ubuntu 14.04, in this case with Ubuntu 14.04.5


KDE Plasma 5.7 is out now

KDE Plasma 5.7 is now available, one of the most popular desktops of all. KDE Plasma 5.7 has important new features.

centos 7 arm64

CentOS 6.8 is now available

CentOS 6.8 is now available to everyone. The popular server distro has released a version that is based on Red Hat Linux 6.8 albeit with changes.

Hardware security padlocked circuit

Systemd and SELinux: Safe?

In recent years some important changes have been made in many GNU / Linux distros such as the integration of the new system ...

iOS vs Android (Andy vs Apple: they fight with a lightsaber)

Android vs iOS: pros and cons

As you all know, Android is an operating system for mobile devices (although it can also be installed on PCs) that has ...


gNewSense 4.0 is on the streets

The gNewSense developers have announced the availability of a new version of their operating system, that is, we already have gNewSense 4.0 ...

Simplicity Linux image

Simplicity Linux 16.04 is here

The Simplicity Linux development team has announced that a new version of that operating system is now available, it is the new ...

Tux Rare

Compilation: The Rarest Linux Distributions

There are very famous and successful Linux distributions, but today we will talk about the hidden side of the distros, those that hardly anyone knows because of their rarity.

photo KDE Plasma 5.6

KDE Plasma 5.6 is out

KDE Plasma has a new version, it is version 5.6, which is now available for download. Today we are going to analyze if we really ...

Know Linux log files

The GNU / Linux operating system itself offers many possibilities and flexibility on its own, without the need for add-ons. But in…

Iptables Operation

IPTABLES: table types

If you do not know anything about IPTABLES, I recommend that you read our first introductory article to IPTABLES so you can take ...