Types of SSDs

How to install Linux on an SSD

Step-by-step installation guide for your GNU / Linux distro on SSD hard drives with M.2, NVMe, PCI Express and Intel OPtane interfaces

Slimbook Katana 2

Top7 LxA: Best Linux Laptops

Analysis of the best Linux laptops you can buy on the market. The best alternatives to Windows that will make you fall in love


Linux in daily life

When we talk about GNU / Linux (which for convenience we refer only as Linux) to neophytes or other computer scientists with little ...

AMD Presentation with Lisa Su

AMD has a lot of news for 2019!

AMD enters 2019 very strong, the improvements continue for its 3rd Generation Ryzen, its 2nd Generation Radeon RX Vega and its EPYC

Windows with Linux background

MS-Linux: an exercise in imagination

Microsoft has changed a lot in recent years, an operating system with Linux is becoming more feasible every day, do you want to see what would happen ...?

Red hat logo

Red Hat: Exclusive Interview for LxA

We continue with our series of interviews, today with Red Hat in an exclusive interview with LinuxAdictos where we will discover very interesting things

Dropbear SSH: lightweight alternative to OpenSSH

If you work remotely with your computer or server, or you just want to make some adjustments using your mobile device without having to be there, Dropbear SSH is a light alternative to the famous OpenSSH project, an interesting option for those who need something less heavy.

Oracle Java Logo

How-to: Install the Latest Version of Oracle Java on Your Linux Distro

Perhaps it has happened to you that you need to have the latest version of Java installed in your GNU / Linux distro and from the repositories of your distribution, Tutorial to install Oracle Java in its latest version in your GNU / Linux distribution, enjoying the benefits of the virtual machine in our system


Switch between different versions of a program in Linux

Surely, and if you do not already know, you know that in Linux several versions of the same program or command can be installed at the same time, that is, we can If you have wondered how to change the version of a command in your GNU / Linux distro , we explain it to you in this simple tutorial

Nautilus on GNOME

Nautilus 3.30: major file manager improvements

GNOME Files (Nautilus) is, as you well know, it is the default file manager used by GNOME desktop environments, as in KDE Plasma. The GNOME file manager is updated with the arrival of the new Nautilus 3.30 version. And it does it in a big way, with important improvements.

textr logo

Textricator: an easy data extractor for PDF files

Textricator is an interesting tool that you should know. It is open source and is used to extract complex data from PDF documents, without Textricator it is a program to extract complex data from PDF files in a simple and simple way from your favorite GNU / Linux distro.

Project LiveSlak: Run Live Images from Slackare

The LiveSlak Project, in case you don't know it, is a project with which you can run images of the current GNU / Linux Slackware distribution in Live LiveSlak mode, a very interesting project for lovers of the GNU / Linux Slackware distribution with which you can run lives from this system

KDE Apps

KDE Applications 18.08 Software Suite Enters Beta Stage

KDE Applications 18.08 Software Suite has entered its Beta stage of development, so we will just have to wait a little longer to enjoy KDE Applications 18.08 Software Suite enters its Beta stage of development and soon we will be able to enjoy the final version with all the improvements

Alacritty terminal (screenshot)

Alacritty: a very fast terminal emulator for Linux

If you are looking for alternatives to the terminal emulators that come by default in your favorite GNU / Linux distro, Alacritty may be a good alternative. Se Alacritty is a terminal emulator that you can use on your GNU / Linux distribution to speed up your work thanks to its speed.

Chromium OS desktop

Chromium OS for Raspberry Pi and SBCs… reappears

There are many distributions and operating systems for the different SBCs on the market, especially for the most popular of all, the Chromum OS for Raspberry pi and other SBCs seemed finished but now it reappears with some good news that we tell you


Atari VCS: what's new and skepticism in equal measure

While many remain skeptical about the launch and success of the new Atari VCS, others are looking forward to it. It is not an Atari VCS it is not quite here yet but it is already giving a lot to talk about. After the delays and skepticism now come updates ...

Linux Kernel

Linux 4.18 rc5: the new kernel RC announced from LKML

Linus Torvalds, as usual, has published this news in the Linux Kernel Mailing List or LKML. Yes, Linux 4.18 rc5 is ready, that is, Linux 4.18 rc5 has already been announced by Linus Torvalds himself in the LKML as usual. So the new kernel RC is ready


Lindows is back with Linspire 7.0 and Freespire 3

Some of you will remember the famous Lindows distribution, a Linux distro that caused a great stir due to its name and the quite similar interface that it had similar to Windows, thanks to that it got a great series of criticisms and demands from the people of Microsoft.


Gnome 3.30 will come with support for ARM64

GNOME 3.29.2 was released as the second update of four development snapshots for the GNOME 3.30 desktop environment. It comes five weeks after the first snapshot, GNOME 3.29.1, with even more improvements and new features in various components.


OpenSUSE Leap15 is now available to download and install

Today the developers of openSUSE are pleased to announce the new version of their operating system coming to its new version openSUSE 15 which is based on the upcoming SUSE Enterprise Linux 15 series and features updated components and technologies designed for advanced users.

Emmabuntus 9-1.02

Emmabuntüs Debian Edition 2 1.02 is now available

A few days ago the new version of the GNU / Linux Emmabuntüs distribution was released which reaches version 1.02 bringing with it new improvements and several bug fixes based on its previous version, this new version is based on Debian 9.4 stretch and that It has the XFCE desktop environment.