GNOME Shell for mobile

GNOME Shell for mobile

The GNOME Shell graphical shell that everyone knows for being the one used in GNOME graphical environments now also arrives for mobiles

WINE 7.7

Wine-Wayland 7.7 released

Wine-Wayland 7.7 has been released. The new version of the compatibility layer to work with the Wayland protocol has arrived

GNOME Application Launcher

What is the GNOME desktop

Enter here to find out what Gnome is, and what are the characteristics of one of the most used desktop environments in Linux.

Wallpaper Fedora

What's new in Fedora 36

These are the news of Fedora 36 that will be available for download next April. GNOME 42 is the big news.

IDS intrusion detection system

Best IDS for Linux

Here you will find what you should know about an IDS and which are the best ones that you can install on your Linux distro

Lumina Desktop

Lumina Desktop 1.6.1: already released

There are many desktop environments for GNU / Linux that are not so well known, one of them is Lumina Descktop, which has already reached its version 1.6.1