Best Linux Distributions for 2022

best Linux distributions 2022

The GNU/Linux operating system is found in a multitude of flavors or distros. In 2022 we have made a selection of the best and the result is as follows. As you will see, there is a list for all tastes and needs. So here is the list with the best Linux distributions 2022 with the description, download link, and the users for whom it is intended. Remember that it is only a selection, and that there are many other wonderful distros. But these are the ones we liked the most:


Kubuntu 22.04 with Plasma 5.25

Ideal for: for all users in general, whatever their purpose.

Ubuntu is one of the most popular distributions, there is no doubt about that. But for those who have not liked the change from Unity Shell to GNOME or who directly do not like GNOME, you have a fabulous alternative that works perfectly, such as Kubuntu, based on the KDE Plasma desktop environment. The reason behind its popularity is that it is a very easy to use, reliable and highly supported Linux distribution. Other than that, it's not complicated at all, so it might be a good target if you've recently switched from Windows to Linux.

On the other hand, it should be noted that KDE Plasma has become a very light desktop environment, with a hardware resource consumption below GNOME, so it is very positive to have this environment so as not to waste resources and focus them on what really matters to you. And not only that, it has been "slimmed down" without losing an iota of its power and ability to customize it. Also remember that GNOME programs are also compatible with KDE Plasma and vice versa, you just have to satisfy the dependencies of the necessary libraries.

Due to popularity, the hardware support is very goodIn fact, Canonical makes agreements with the different brands to improve this support. And on the Internet you can find a lot of help…

Download Kubuntu

Linux Mint

Linux Mint 21.1 beta

Ideal for: for beginners and those switching from Windows to Linux.

LinuxMint is gaining so much popularity along with Ubuntu due to its ease of use.. This operating system is based on Ubuntu/Debian as well, and it has its own very practical tools to facilitate administration and some daily tasks.

It's a ideal replacement for Windows because the Cinnamon desktop offers a desktop experience similar to Microsoft's operating system. And best of all, it doesn't consume too many hardware resources, which is also a positive.

Like Ubuntu, LinuxMint also has a great community online for help if needed.

Download Linux Mint

Zorin OS

ZorinOS, most beautiful distros

Ideal for: all users.

Zorin OS is another Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and with a modern and easy-to-use interface. When the project first started in 2008, the developers' first priority was to develop an easy-to-use operating system based on Linux, and they certainly succeeded.

Zorin OS is available to download and install at three different editions:

  • Pro it has a premium desktop layout similar to macOS or Windows 11, but you'll have to pay to download it. It also comes with a suite of professional-grade creative apps and advanced productivity software.
  • Core It is a version similar to the previous one, although somewhat less complete than the previous one. But in return it is free.
  • Lite It is the smallest version of the three, and it is also free.

Download Zorin OS

elementary OS

Basic OS 6.0.4

Ideal for: for those who are looking for a beautiful and macOS-like environment.

elementary OS is another Linux distribution with a build environment. very refined and elegant desktop, with a clean, modern interface, and similar to macOS in all aspects. However, don't be fooled by its appearance, hidden under it is a powerful Ubuntu-based distro.

The latest edition of Elementary OS is OS 6 Odin, which comes with an important visual change and news in terms of functions. New features include multi-touch support, a new dark mode, app sanboxing to improve security, and a new easy-to-use installer. In addition, it is completely free and respects your privacy, so there is little more you can ask for.

Download elementaryOS


MX Linux

Ideal for: those who seek stability, ease and power in the same distro.

MX Linux is a Linux distribution that could be considered lightweight, with desktop environments such as XFCE, KDE Plasma and Fluxbox. In addition, it became more popular for being very stable and powerful, and the truth is that, although it is not the most used, it is always on the lists of the best distros.

This distro appeared in 2014, Debian-based and with some interesting modifications, such as its modified desktop environment to make use more comfortable for those who come from operating systems such as Windows or macOS. It's all pretty simple and easy to use for the most part.

Download MX Linux



Nitrux continues migration to Maui Shell

Ideal for: new Linux users and KDE lovers.

Nitrux is the next distro on the list. Developed on Debian base and with KDE Plasma desktop environment and Qt graphical libraries. In addition, you have some exclusive extras, such as the NX modification of your desktop and the NX firewall that this distro includes. Being easy to use, users who are new to Linux will find themselves comfortable during the migration, plus it comes with AppImage support to make it easy to install universal apps.

Another positive detail is that the distro has an active community on social media where you can interact with them on any related topic or query. Although you shouldn't have too much trouble using this other wonder...

Download Nitrux


Solus OS rolling release prettier distributions

Ideal for: for programmers and developers.

Although Ubuntu is the most popular distro among developers and programmers, Solus can also be a suitable operating system for these tasks. In addition, it has a beautiful and elegant and minimalist looking desktop environment. It is developed independently, based on Linux kernel and you can find it with environments like Budgie, MATE, KDE Plasma and GNOME. As for the package manager, it uses eopkg, which is perhaps the biggest hurdle for users...

The distro is very powerful, and can be run even on computers with more modest hardware. It could even be a good operating system for those who land on Linux for the first time, since it is quite easy to use and with an interface that will remind you a lot of Windows. And best of all, it comes with endless pre-installed tools for developers, which makes it ideal.

Download Solus


Manjaro and its branches

Ideal for: beginners and experienced users.

Manjaro is a Linux distribution based on the well-known Arch Linux distro. However, the objective of this distro is make Arch an easy operating system to use even for beginners. And the truth is that they have succeeded. With Manjaro you will have something stable and robust, even for users who come from systems like Windows or macOS it can be an option given its simplicity.

Manjaro is fast and includes automated tools for a seamless end-user experience, similar to what Linux Mint has done with Ubuntu. Of course, it has an installer that won't give you as bad a time as installing Arch Linux bareback, but with all the positives that you like about Arch.

Download Manjaro

CentOS Stream


Ideal for: for servers.

CentOS Stream can be a good alternative for those looking for a stable and robust operating system as a replacement for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), but community maintained and fully open. It is a powerful distribution and ideal for installing on servers. In addition, it has SELinux by default, which will also give it greater security.

As you know, CentOS uses the rpm and yum package manager, and it is one of the distros that is based on the RPM package. In addition, you will have a fantastic user community to obtain information when you need it.

Download CentOS Stream



Ideal for: Mac computers with M-Series chips.

This distro based on Arch Linux is quite recent, although it has given a lot of talk. It is a distribution specially developed to be compatible with computers based on Apple Silicon chips, such as the M1. Therefore, if you have a Mac and want to use Linux without compatibility issues with its ARM-based CPU or GPU, Asahi Linux is the best option available to you. However, other distros have also managed to install without problems and stably on these computers...

Download Asahi Linux

Kali Linux

Kali Linux

Ideal for: for pentesting.

Kali Linux is the best distro out there for hackers or security experts. It is based on Debian and has an endless number of pre-installed tools for pentesting, reverse engineering, forensics, and other tools for computer security investigation. It is not ideal for use as a daily distro, but if you need an operating system for pentesting it will be a great solution. In addition, it already has support for its installation on Android mobile devices, Raspberry Pi, and Chromebooks.

Download Kali Linux



Ideal for: beginners and professional users who are looking for a stable and solid operating system.

openSUSE is another of the great Linux distributions that could not be missing from this list. This distro stands out for being based on packages RPM, and be very stable and robust. As you know, you will find two types of edition, one is Tumbleweed which is a rolling release system and the other is Leap which is a long-term supported distro. In other words, if you want more stability, Leap is the option for you, and if you want the latest in features and technologies, choose Tumbleweed.

Of course, openSUSE comes with many useful tools and applications for both new and professional Linux users. as for beginners, since it is very easy to use. And you will be able to choose between KDE Plasma, GNOME and Mate as your desktop environment. And another positive detail that I do not want to forget is that it integrates YaST, a fantastic suite of administration tools also present in SUSE and that will make basic tasks much easier for you.

Download openSUSE


Fedora-28 Applications

Ideal for: for all.

Fedora is a Linux distribution also sponsored and related to Red Hat and CentOS, as you well know. It is supported by other companies, as is the case with Ubuntu. Therefore, the stability, robustness, and compatibility of this distro has no equal either. In addition, it is one of the most innovative platforms for those looking to work with the cloud, with containers, with 3D printers, etc. It can also be great for developers, and as you know Linus Torvalds has installed it on his Macbook to work with it, so it also accommodates M.

Download Fedora


Ideal for: users concerned about privacy and anonymity.

Tails is an acronym for The Amnesic Incognito Live System, a distro that can be used in Live mode and whose objective is to avoid surveillance, censorship and achieve greater privacy and anonymity when browsing the web. It uses a Tor network by default, and has the latest patches to cover the most recent vulnerabilities. Also, being a Live, it will not leave a trace on the computer where you use it. You will also have a series of tools that will help you with security, such as cryptography tools to encrypt emails, files, etc.

Download Tails



Ideal for: for PC technicians.

Rescatux is a Linux distribution in Live mode and based on Debian. It is not a distro for the day to day, but it is ideal for technicians or for users who need repair Linux or Windows installations. This distro uses a graphical wizard called Rescapp and has tools to easily repair damaged installations or bootloaders of Linux and Windows. It also has many other tools to solve other problems (reset forgotten passwords, repair file systems, repair partitions, etc.), even for inexperienced users. And all with a lightweight desktop environment like LXDE.

Download Rescatux

Arch Linux

Unity on Arch Linux

Ideal for: Advanced users.

Arch Linux is one of the most stable Linux distributions available, although as you know it is not ideal for beginners as it is quite complex to install and use. However, it is based on a principle of simplicity that makes it very robust and allows an extreme degree of customization. On the other hand, note that it follows a continuous release model, so the user will always get the latest stable version available at that time.

Download Arch Linux


Ubuntu Budgie releases a package to install your desktop on Debian

Ideal for: for servers and beyond.

Debian is one of the larger and more prestigious development communities. This distribution stood out for being very difficult to use years ago, but now the truth is that it is as easy as others, removing that stigma. In addition, it is one of the oldest distros that continue today. Of course, it is secure, stable and rock-solid, so it can also be an alternative to CentOS for servers, but in this case based on DEB packaging. It has regular version releases, and frequent and smooth updates to get the latest necessary patches.

Download Debian

absolutely linux

absolutely linux

Ideal for: users looking for comfort and lightness.

Absolute Linux is a very light distro designed for users looking for a easy maintenance and very simple configurations (includes scripts and utilities for it). This operating system is based on the well-known Slackware, but just like Manjaro, don't expect it to be as complicated to use as this, its developers have made everything much easier (it is true that it is text-based and not in a GUI, but it's pretty straight forward). Once installed, you will see that it comes with a window manager like IceWM, and a multitude of packages like LibreOffice, Firefox, etc.

Download Absolute Linux

Dragger OS

Dragger OS

Ideal for: gamers.

Drauger OS is a Linux distribution specially designed for gaming. Therefore, for those looking to have fun with video games, this Ubuntu-based distro may be ideal. It comes with many modifications and optimizations compared to Ubuntu, in order to improve your performance and gaming experience. For example, GNOME has been changed to Xfce and the default dark GTK theme, an optimized kernel, PulseAudio replaced by Pipewire, etc. Also, being based on Ubuntu, it will retain the great compatibility that this distro offers.

Download Drauger OS



Ideal for: students and educators.

Finally, we also have another very special distribution. This is a modified version of Debian specially designed for educational environments. This distro has been designed with the essential requirements of schools and educational institutions in mind. And the best thing is that it comes with an endless number of pre-installed applications for these purposes. It can even go further, for example, it can be ideal for computer labs, for servers, workstations, and other tasks that are needed in centers of this type.

Download Debianedu/Skolelinux

And you? Which one do you prefer? If you have any other favourites, don't forget to leave them in the comments., we will be happy to read you...

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  1.   EMILIO said

    really out of 20 you don't choose Ubuntu?

  2.   Jacinto Gabaldon said

    I have been using a distro based on Arch called Garuda Linux for 1 year and about 2 months, and I am delighted, both on the desktop and on the laptop with a touch screen. I use it with Gnome desktop, some extensions and with other desktop themes, shell and icons. Greetings Linux addicts.

  3.   Hyacinth said

    I have been using a distro based on Arch called Garuda Linux for 1 year and about 2 months, and I am delighted, both on the desktop and on the laptop with a touch screen. I use it with Gnome desktop, some extensions and with other desktop themes, shell and icons. Greetings Linux addicts.

    1.    golden cock said

      I peel it

  4.   Miguel said

    Where is Endeavouros, better known than Garuda, Skolelinux, Drauger OS, etc, etc….

    1.    crazy said

      where is void linux

  5.   Edgar said

    Missing Deepin, for me one of the best distros.

  6.   serfin said

    Incredible, there are more than a million zillions of linux distros... and they don't include UBUNTU

  7.   employee said

    Linux Mint and Zorin OS
    For me the two best and since they are based on Ubuntu, Ubuntu is not necessary hehe