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Seen and considering that we have already tired (or we are getting tired) of being simple users who can only do some things In its usual operating system and that we want to migrate to something more evolved, we learn about Linux and its many benefits, and before taking the great leap we discover that Linux has a console. But what a bummer. A comfort. What a mess.

We turn to our Home Windows, we choose Run and we write cmd... and we get that poor imitation of power (and above it says Administrator, I find it funny).

Now let's ask ourselves: How many times do we use the console in Windows?

Few or almost none. It may be that, if we have had connection problems, the technical support of the internet provider company has made us run a netstat -a o ipconfig, but not much more than that.

If we decide to migrate to Linux, we will have to get used to the idea that we are going to use the console. It is like this. There are not many turns to give. We will always need a package, a pattern or an issue that we must solve in the console. It is not that difficult, do not fear.

Of course we are not going to invent the wheel, and it would be really silly to list in this entry the multiple commands that can be used on the console knowing that they have been mentioned millions of times. To give you an idea, googling 'linux commands cheat sheet'you are going to access an impressive amount of little guides that describe the basic commands that we should have on hand in our forays into the console (I have a list printed and pasted on the desktop: D).

This concise and wonderful listing is translated into several languages ​​and I found it on

There is no better way to get familiar with the console than by interacting with it, so let's do some testing. Always using our liveCD, we enter the desktop that we have (any of them) and we look for the console among the utilities.

What difference, right? If the interface of the console is already friendlier than that of Windows.

Let's run some commands.

* data to see the current day and time

* ls to see the directories

* ls-al to see the directories and even what was hidden (note that no warning of 'This content is hidden for your security'and blah blah blah)

* cal to view the calendar with the day of the date highlighted

* cat / proc / cpuinfo to see information about our team

* free to see memory usage

And so we could continue for a long time, but I'm not going to bore you and let you try, you have the sheet with the commands to check :).

A very interesting question of the use of the console, is that we can get help on any command (its use, the parameters and options that we can use, etc.) by executing Mon [the command]. This is fantastic because, when in doubt, we use this option to inform ourselves a little more or, in the event of an error, seek help on our own.

I leave you testing and investigating how to become familiar with the console, but for now I will tell you: as many know and others will suspect, it is possible from the liveCD access the files that are on the hard drive under Windows. We will be able to access, from our non-installed linux, the files of the Windows filesystem, our music, images and others.

And how is that done? Guess what.

It is done by console.

I leave you practicing, and next time we do it. ;)

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  1.   Miguel Gastelum said

    Do not break your head one of the distributions par excellence for file backup using a simple Live CD is Knoppix, you just insert it, wait for it to load, which is very little since it is a light distribution, and it will only mount the discs that you have on your computer either HD or Pendrives, you give it a right click so that you can write and voila, you will be able to access your files graphically from Konkeror, I say if you want to avoid the use of the console and its CP command, back up those photos that you have in windows and delete it from your hard drive, nothing more robust and safe than a distro with KDE for this kind of work.

    Cheers !!!!

  2.   Ford said

    Hello. With the Ubuntu Live CD, Windows files can be accessed via explorer.


  3.   krlos said

    At first it is somewhat uncomfortable to use the console, do not do it and it makes you desperate but as you start to investigate and use it you realize that it is not that difficult.
    ( it happened to me)

  4.   N @ ty said

    @ forden, Miguel: excellent contributions, of course there is always a comfortable way of doing things, but for a reason we are Linux users ... we love to laugh at the comfort
    @krlos: as is, the exact same thing happened to me, but little by little I learned!
    A huge greeting
    @Ricardo: first congratulations on deciding to switch to Linux! You're going to love it.
    And the liveCD's are used to install the distribution you are testing, it is very simple. In fact, the fundamental reason for the liveCD is that you try the distro and install it, precisely.
    Come on, make it cool !! ffuentes is right, from the official ubuntu site you can download the distro you want; being hung there it would be really redundant that they hang it in Rapidshare, I think ...
    A huge kiss and tell us how it went

  5.   Ricardo said

    For some time I have been reading and reading about Linux and its great advantages and blah blah blah, well, I was encouraged and I am going to install linux on a pc that I have that nobody uses, it is a pentium 4 with 256 ram and processor 1.8 GB, but .. that's the problem, everyone says that the ubuntu distro is fine to begin with, but there are billions of versions of this distro, which one should I use? If I google "download ubuntu linux" then I get pages of pages of different names that this distro has and the worst, what an obsession with livecd, I don't want a livecd, I want to format my machine and install linux, is it too much to ask? I don't know where to download, nobody puts a fucking link downloading the latest official version, everyone talks about the blessed livecd and that I look on the ubuntu page for the version to install on the pc, but surprise, on the ubuntu page download at 4kb / s, nobody uploads it to rapidshared or megaupload ?, because it is not that easy, I would download it, I would burn the iso inA cd, I format the machine and install the ubuntu, that's it, that's what I ask of life and then I would start looking for solutions to the problems that arise during the installation and configuration process. Help me please, recommend me a place to download a recent and stable version of ubuntu, and later I will find out about graphical interfaces, drivers, compatible software and others. Thanks in advance

  6.   f sources said

    @Ricardo: Your attitude is bad, man, but it is commendable that you want to try Linux, although with that attitude the first problem will turn you around and say: Linux is crap. I know people like you.

    If you still want to install Ubuntu, go to that same page: and download it with the .torrent file (if your ISP layer the p2p that may be the reason for your slow download). If not, use the direct download that you will find it right there.


  7.   Ricardo said

    Thanks for the answers, actually I apologize if I sounded very renegade, it is that I spent hours looking for an Ubuntu installer and could not find, I must say that I have patience, come on, years using windows exercises the patience of anyone with all the problems that you gives; on the other hand I will tell you that I am downloading in linux mint 5 that finally convinced me and even brings its installation manual, I will install it, I will learn and I will give my opinion in this forum about the topics that you post, not like now that I write things that have nothing to see with the post, sorry for that and greetings.

  8.   zamuro57 said

    a trick that got me out of a tight spot once
    I could not delete a file from the trash I found this command I hope it is useful to whoever is going through the same situation

    sudo rm -rf ~ / .local / share / Trash / *

    and if you want to link an example path of a folder to the console, just drag the folder to the console

    If you want to change the resolution of your monitor and you have problems to do it, just type this in the console, very useful for when the x's are deconfigured

    sudo displayconfig-gtk

    I hope it is useful and remember the console does not bite greetings and congratulations for such an excellent page

  9.   Nacho said

    Now I am writing from an EeePC to which I am still deciding which Ubuntu I will put, so sorry if I misspell, my fingers are like 2 of these keys.

    Ricardo: Your first post really sounded very bad, but if you give Linux a little patience, I assure you that it does not disappoint. Give it time and you will see how you only remember windows as a bad dream.

  10.   N @ ty said

    Thank you all for commenting, what really interested me to convey to you was that an OS is not just a graphical interface ...
    Use the console, it is not that difficult, I do not tell you to read the mail through the console like Stallman, but even some basic commands.

    @niyiru: better, if I also use it for esoooo: razz:

  11.   niyiru said

    Ayyyyyyy nooo, if I use Linux for the cubitoooo, what charros !!!!.


    No lies, congratulations for such an excellent article, it is more should have a more focus towards this type of learning because it is here where you can assess the true potential of Linux, you can start with the basics if it is to reach a general audience, But that is the idea…

    Thanks, and go ahead !!!!

  12.   Raphael Hernamperez said

    These items are extremely useful. Thank you very much for publishing them and making them available to everyone. To me, of course, these articles, explained so well, are more interesting than any news.

    Thank you

  13.   N @ ty said

    @Rafael, Daniel: welcome :)

    Don't tell me nice things that make me blush ... haha

  14.   Daniel said

    good article Miss N @ ty, I am becoming a regular reader of this blog, it is very entertaining and educational.

    and perfect the article on the console, if so I learn all the tricks.

  15.   dark hole said

    hehe, that is not necessary by console, you simply select the partition with a double click (gnome) or a single one (KDE) and that's it .. It mounts, and you can browse the windows files.

  16.   f sources said

    @darkhole: duplicating comments is a bad practice, it is not convenient for you to do it, if you want to say something, it is enough that you comment on it in a single article.

  17.   dark hole said

    My apologies ... If you want to delete one .. I was confused when commenting ..

  18.   Carlos said

    Thanks. I am a layman; neophyte; newbie, etc. I'm just starting with Linux and I hope I never have to go back to wind ...


  19.   black mang said

    Hi! I'm new to Linux and I see that in order to play videos I need to use the console, I wanted to access the tables with the commands but the links are broken or blocked, could someone help me?