Ballmer: "Linux is no longer a cancer, it is a true rival to Windows"

Steve Ballmer

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has rectified his opinion on GNU / Linux, which as you know, was equal to a cancer for intellectual property. Ballmer has recitified and said that GNU / Linux is no longer a cancer but is a real enemy of Windows.

Ballmer cautions that during in recent years Linux has grown and improved considerably, something that has made it a great rival to Windows and its platform. Linux is now behind Windows and if Microsoft does nothing about it, Linux will overtake Windows. This is what Ballmer thinks and therefore, after the announcement that Microsoft made about SQL Server portability to Linux, Ballmer wrote an email to Satya Nadella, current CEO of Microsoft, to congratulate you on the correct decision.

Steve Ballmer believes that Microsoft should give more Gnu / Linux approval to take advantage of the situation and the pull that the penguin platform is having. Something that seems to indicate that Ballmer is afraid of Linux and prefers to join in than go under.

Ballmer claims Linux is a big, tough rival to Windows

Ballmer has long ceased to be the CEO of Microsoft, but we must not forget that remains one of the majority shareholders of the company and therefore he looks for the good of the company to find the good of his pocket. Even so, it is still characteristic that one of the characters who criticized Linux the most is now supporting it or at least praising it.

I personally do not share the same opinion as Ballmer. I do not think that Gnu / Linux has improved much in these years, but the power and functionality of now had it 10 years ago or even before, however more and more people have seen the benevolence of the penguin operating system and this has made more people use it and not Windows. On the other hand, Microsoft during these years, especially when Ballmer was CEO, has treated its users very badly And that has also made them opt for GNU / Linux, an operating system that does not seek to make money but to seek solutions. Surely soon we will know some more Microsoft product that reaches Gnu / Linux Do not you think?

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  1.   vgadget said

    I don't know what Balmer "thinks", please correct him, my eyes hurt.

  2.   Filipo Becerra said

    Ha! that's called image washing.

  3.   leoramirez59 said

    Seriously Ballmer said that ... hehehe ... I find it curious.

    The important thing is that our Penguin hatched a long time ago and nothing alone and very well through the oceans of computing.

    Every day more faithful to my distros. Greetings!

  4.   Ruisu cordova said

    he had no choice but to admit it

  5.   Ashtoroth said

    That guy is an idiot ... agh ... he's been fucking with windows all his life and now he's a buddy

  6.   Eudes Javier Contreras Rios said

    Is Micrososft preparing to release its Windows GNU / Linux? I don't know how good it can be, remember mono runtime; it could be repeated but on a catastrophic scale for free software.

  7.   Fernando Corral Fritz said

    I also think the same as Eudes, I think that Microsoft is plotting to release its own GNU / Linux distro but mostly to replace Windows Server.

  8.   Miguel said

    Well, I differ somewhat with you and it is that in terms of organization or at the level of software factories, if it has improved and in 10 years ago that did not exist, there was and still exists some disorder or if not because there is no standard in components that do not generate incompatibilities between gnu / linux flavors, and that is real, another thing we are still short of software that compete with those of the windows platform and I only speak of popular software, not to mention the professional, touch wini or playon , and I do not mean that there is no professional software in gnu / linux, it is simply that we are still short and we must go there.

    I say this as a daily user, a student of U, as a professional in equipment support and as a future entrepreneur.

    Linux is an excellent platform and I am glad that it continues to improve, for me the most satisfactory thing is that the developers listen to the users I think it is the strong one in development because they know how to give the user what they want and how they want it.


  9.   Julius Saldivar said

    Miguel regarding professional software, it depends on the profession, I professionally dedicate myself to the subject of IP telephony, and Linux is where the serious software is for this, it is very rare to see IP control panels running on Windows.

  10.   leoramirez59 said

    Well, the day that this "Microsoft Linux" comes out will finally be a triumph for the Linux world, and even without winning by KO, finally time is who will tell.

    1.    leoramirez59 said

      I say this because we as users of GNU Linux distros have seen how each of the projects has evolved. If MS Linux comes out, it would be to admit that it is a defeat in the long term and prefers to get the little white flag out on time.

  11.   Andresito Malave said

    If for me Microsoft already plans to release a distro for the server side. They see that WINE runs well doing reverse engineering and that Crossover is doing wonders. They want their own distro like Novell bought SUSE and even Oracle has their distro, they already see it viable to get their distro.

  12.   neoxpress said

    There is already the windows distro (not gnu) ... gentlemen, there will be eyes, its name is windows 10 and its terminal is "Powe Shell" ... I checked, they put their hands not on licenses but on politics and the way of working (insider is a great example). And what's more, ambition certainly has no measures for long-term gains.