The hype of Artificial Intelligence

The expectations about Artificial Intelligence are, at least for the moment, exaggerated.

At the end of last year and the beginning of this year, vvarious news about artificial intelligence tools which could be tested for free. Thus arose the hype of Artificial Intelligence.

This hype started a new bubble in which "futurologists" They already took us, the authors of content, to the same place where the watchmakers and cobblers ended up. Youtube is full of tutorials on how to create videos or publish websites automatically.

Fortunately for my colleagues and I, Actualidad Blog will not be able to do without us (or people like us) yet.

What is a hype?

A hype occurs when a future event generates such enormous and unjustified enthusiasm.  That enthusiasm can lead people to invest money in the hope of making a profit. When more and more people start to put money, a bubble is produced.

In some cases, the hype and the bubble occur because what is expected does not meet the expectations generated (Converging devices). In other cases, there was never anything concrete to base it on as there were only words and publicity (El metaverse of Zuckerberg). A third cause of hype is when it is not understood what exactly a technology is for, it is what caused the price of cryptocurrencies to drop.

The hype of Artificial Intelligence

There is a story that was told to me several times. In each of them the protagonists changed for what is probably an urban legend. It's more or less like that.

A multinational company hosted a conference series attended by top executives from around the world. In one of them the speaker, a renowned futurologist, affirms:

-A great future is coming for the world. The use of software will reduce education costs by replacing 70% of teachers, the new satellites will make 40% of meteorologists unnecessary, banking applications will make 85% of bank branches unnecessary...

When the time came for the questions, the president of the company stopped and said.

-I have a question and maybe you can help me. In that marvelous future that you describe, when all those people will lose their jobs. Who are we going to sell to?

Replacing humans with machines is one of the oldest dreams of entrepreneurs. Until now, they have only managed to make production processes more complex by increasing the demand for training.

Going to more practical demonstrations, Lucas Lopatín he took the job to generate several sites using artificial intelligence tools and measure traffic. hThere was a momentary and ephemeral success in which the search engines contributed traffic, and then stopped doing so as abruptly as it had started.

It should be mentioned that Artificial Intelligence tools use the same information as search engines (public websites) so it is easy for them to detect artificial content. In fact, Google and Microsoft have better computers and programmers than artificial intelligence services for content creation (especially in the case of free ones).

It is a matter of time before YouTube and Spotify begin to prioritize content written, narrated and starring human beings. Tools have already begun to be developed to distinguish it.

It is not about suppressing artificial intelligence tools. GPT-3, the most popular these days is much better than search engines for finding answers. Image-from-text generators are useful when you can't find the right illustration for an article.

Some Artificial Intelligence tools you can try

To show that this isn't the typical kicking of someone who doesn't want to lose their job, I'm giving you some artificial intelligence tools that you can try for free.

Actually, the illustration at the beginning of the article was the result of asking one of these tools to draw the face of an artificial intelligence.

By the way, did I mention that this is proprietary software that collects personal data and owns all the content you create?

  • Sinthesya: Create videos from avatars and artificially generated voice.
  • Writesonic:  This service writes you the text on the topic you ask.
  • crayon: Crea content based on your text prompts.
  • Fliki: Tools to produce videos with voice from text.

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