Antergos already has a successor. It will be called Endeavor

Antergos already has a successor. Shortly after its completion was announced.

The closure of the Antergos project generated regret in the Linux community.

Antergos already has a successor. The Archlinux-derived distribution will continue under the name Endeavor. The name change is because The original developer gave the project followers permission to use the code, but not the name. I suppose that asking for permission to use the code must be a matter of courtesy. Unless Antergos had proprietary components, everything is under open source licenses.

The announcement clarified that the original developer does not want it to appear that he is still affiliated with the project. Hence, it did not give up the name. In any case, the new developers intend to modify the code as the versions follow.

Antergos already has a successor. So will its characteristics

The developers plan is make a distribution as close as possible to Archlinux, keeping the comfort of using Antergos. As announced, the characteristics will be:

  • They will be handled by the principle KISS (The initials in English of Keep it simple, idiot)
  • It will be possible choose from 10 desk options easily downloadable from a repository.
  • Users will have available an online graphical installer to select one of those desks.
  • The first version of Endeavor will use the original ArchLinux Cnchi installer. The next versions will use Reborn. Reborn is the installer created by the distribution of the same name (also derived in part from Antergos)
  • There will be a single desktop for live mode, XFCE. According to the developers, it is the one that best conveys the philosophy of the project and allows them to reduce development time.


Endeavor images will be available in two versions:

  • Rookie - will be the trial version. It will work with the Cnchi online installer. It will be aimed at people interested in collaborating with development or finding out before the news. It will not be suitable for environments that require stability
  • Antares: It will be the official version and it will contain the online version of the Cnchi online installer. You can download one of the 10 available desktop environments. We can also choose an offline installer that will install XFCE with some basic applications pre-installed, ready to use. This last installer is to satisfy the wishes of users with an unstable Internet connection. Also, a workaround works, in case the online installer has trouble getting certain packages from the repositories.


The name Endeavor has nothing to do with the British series from 2013 as Google seems hell-bent on convincing us. It refers to a British navy ship commanded by the famous Captain James Cook.

Her Majesty's Ship Endeavor began its days as a coal ship called the Earl of Pembroke. Cook, who had manned this type of ship in his youth, had it converted for use on scientific expeditions in the South Seas.

Although the name of the project of the successor of Antergos was provisional, users liked it so much that they decided to leave it. The word can be translated into Spanish as an attempt, effort or effort. Undoubtedly a suitable name to carry out an open source project.

Collaboration with other projects

The offline installer will be Portergos, an existing project in the Antergos community. For the installer with an Internet connection, Reborn was chosen. Reborn is part of a distribution of the same name derived from Archlinux and Antergos.

The two projects will not be merged. Reborn is already quite advanced and according to those responsible for Endeavor they have different objectives. However, they will collaborate in the development and optimization of the installer. And we are linuxeros. Why are we going to have 5 distributions with many collaborators when we can have fifty with two or three active members who do what they can when they can?

At first there was talk of a merger with AnthOS, another Linux distribution that I can not hear from. There is a Google project of the same name, and of course it monopolizes the results in the search engine. Apparently, the objectives are also different, so the merger did not work either.

When will Endeavor be available?

The official launch of the project will be on July 1, 2019. It is not clear to me if that includes the release of a new version or just the forum and website. You can find more information on the subject here! or in Telegram

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  1.   Imanol said

    Goodness!!! Almost 3 hours had passed without a new Linux distro ... Uffff! Almost everything went to the fret ??

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    Previously and now Endeavor mean I am a null installing Archlinux or any serious Linux distribution and they have to put me on wheels to continue. If these projects are shameful, let's see if they all die out.

    Cheers ;)

    1.    DieGNU said

      For people like you, users sent Linux to take the ass and with good reason

    2.    hchilde said

      Were you already wearing a monocle when you posted this comment?