What if elementary OS disappeared? At the moment they have serious internal problems

elementary OS could have its days numbered

It is not the first time nor will it be the last that I comment on what happened when Canonical began using its demanding Unity. Well, nothing, that millions of users gave us to look for alternatives. One of the ones I tried was recommended to me by an e-friend from a Telegram group (sorry for not remembering the name, but I suck at it), telling me about its good design, which was very similar to what Apple offers, and a good performance. Was elementary OS, and, as everywhere, there were lights and shadows.

In the end, I couldn't get to elementary OS. Some simple things in MATE, like creating launchers or having total freedom to move around the desktop, were not so simple in that nice "elementary" or "primary" operating system. But the truth is that they have their user base, and things are looking good at the operating system level. In fact, other projects have adopted his idea to solve some things about the light and dark themes. Recently They spoke to us for the first time from elementary OS 7.0, but will it see the light?

One of the founders of elementary OS takes a job outside the project

I, who have personally experienced the difficulty of carrying out projects, especially when working with partners (and even more so if they are family), I can perfectly understand this type of conflict. Danielle Foré published on Twitter what was happening (here!), without thinking that social networks are not the best place to make some moves, for what may happen.

Danielle explains that a couple of years ago they received a lot of money, but that the pandemic has ended up hitting them and they have not yet recovered. Where more money is invested is in salaries, so they cut them by 5%, but not before reaching an agreement with the workers. Danielle thought that the first to lower their salary in the face of difficulties have to be the owners (something that an ex-partner and I agreed on), but something happened the previous weekend.

Agreements that change after receiving advice

Cassidy Blaede called Danielle telling her that he had accepted a job in another company full time, something that Danielle did not expect, since she had no news that Blaede was negotiating anything with anyone. But hey, she didn't think it was bad, since it's normal for all of us to look through our pockets. Danielle told her that she was fine, that she would be paid for her contributions and her actions, that there would be no hard feelings, and that they would continue with her friendship.

Shortly after, Blaede emailed Danielle saying that she didn't want to give up her stock, more specifically that she I wanted to be able to continue to have control and make decisions. This is what Danielle didn't like, as she thinks that the decision maker has to be someone who is working on elementary OS, not someone from the outside. Blaede's unyielding stance made it impossible to maintain a business relationship, or friendship with her still partner.

Danielle raises the dissolution

Danielle raised the dissolution of the company. One of them would keep it and the other would keep half the money, which would currently be worth $26.000 ($52.000 total). Initially, it looked like Danielle would get elementary OS and Cassidy would get the $26.000, but here the shyster Blaede had something to say.

Blaede's attorney personally emailed Foré saying that they wanted $30.000 now, $70.000 in the next 10 years and to keep 5% of the company. Danielle said that was not what they had agreed to, but the lawyer insists that there was no formal agreement, and that Cassidy wanted to make sure that, if things changed in the future, she had not "killed the goose that lays the golden eggs." " too soon.

In the thread, and it cannot be confirmed or denied that it is part of a strategy, Danielle says she would walk away happily and without asking for anything else if they give her the original $26.000 settlement.. In addition, he says that there are debts, so, in addition to that it seems fair, it is also a conservative option with which you risk little.

elementary OS could make Danielle leave Linux

All this has left Danielle without strength, and considering leaving Linux or joining another community. The future of elementary OS is uncertain, but several things do seem clear: first, that they are losing money; second, that for the former there are internal problems; third: that, for the first and the second, the friendship between Danielle and Cassidy has gone to hell, although experience or known cases tell me that the saying "while there is life, there is hope" is true.

What will happen from now on? What if elementary OS disappeared?

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  1.   lucas said

    Sad what happened with Elementary OS. It's a very well-kept distro aesthetically… if it were to disappear I'd miss Pantheon a bit… but having better DE {in my point of view} it wouldn't be such a strong blow. The issue is their user base, I don't see them migrating to Zorin or anything like that.

    For the rest, it does not seem to be a topic that reaches a good ending.

  2.   pajolera said

    And on top of that I was worried…, what Ubuntu would have to sue them for making money with an Ubuntu-based distro. To me if plin disappears. I do not consider this distros, for me they are distro-jetas that do a facelift to the work of others and that is why they already believe they have the right to charge. Canonical shouldn't have allowed that. Look at Solus Os, written from scratch, that's why they would like to if they could charge and look at it they don't. I care little or nothing about the future of elementary, for me if the founders and partners were left in absolute ruin, I would even be happy, they have already sucked enough from the pot.

    1.    Camp J said

      It's the same thing that ended up happening to linux mint.
      They just copy from others and claim the job.
      There are many who hate ubuntu without knowing that it does things differently,
      Whether they like it or not, they are contributing to free software despite the fact that they have been putting their foot in it for a long time.

      1.    ricky said

        linux mint has its own desktop and is based on debian, and if we go that way they should sue ubuntu because they are based on debian, and worse because they no longer have their own interface they are based on gnome

  3.   Javier said

    The truth is that I really like this system, it's like for mere mortals and my laptop hasn't known another distribution, it's not the end of the world, we'll have to change to another flavor of the debian/ubuntu family