What do you need to launch your website?

how to choose a good hosting

If you have a project and want to launch your website, you will not only need a good design that attracts your potential clients. That is the basis, but the next step is to have adequate SEO consulting. And almost as important or more than all that is hosting, in fact, it is a basic factor for any website to work.

Without hosting or hosting, it is impossible for your website to appear on the Internet. It's about a storage service responsible for ensuring that the content of any blog or website can be visible on the internet. But, to host your website you can choose between several options. One of them and the one that is having the most success are the vps servers or Virtual Private Server.

Other options are WordPress hosting, shared hosting, cloud hosting, free hosting or reseller or reseller. There are different contracting models and services depending on the type of website and the needs of each project. A blog is not the same as a virtual store, each of these sites will require specific hosting.

Most common types of accommodation

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Within the wide variety of hosting, almost everyone would say that to start, the most advisable thing would be to use a cheap hosting. However, this is not always the most advisable. An online store, for example, would work much better with a vps server. A blog could work perfectly with WordPress hosting. Let's see the differences.

VPS or Virtual Private Hosting

VPS servers offer a type of private web hosting, that is, an entire fraction of the physical server will be dedicated to your website. This means that your project will have its own operating system and will not share resources with other websites. This exclusivity greatly improves performance and, therefore, the ability to retain users on your website.

By not sharing RAM, processor, or bandwidth with other websites, the data transfer capacity is accelerated. And, although it is not dedicated hosting, it is a cheaper option than the latter and improves the efficiency of shared hosting.

Dedicated server

If your website requires the exclusive use of all the resources of a server, then your best option will be a dedicated server. With this type of accommodation you can have full access to server hardware and software. This means being able to adapt it to the specific needs of your website. One of its greatest advantages is that its performance is unsurpassed.

Another advantage, in addition to performance, is the optimization of the operation of your website. You'll also get greater speed, flexibility and access. In addition, you will obtain greater security by being able to count on greater resources. The only drawback of this type of accommodation is its price, but it is justified as it is the one that offers the most advantages.

Shared Hosting

This type of hosting is cheaper, since accommodation is shared. This means that several websites, in addition to yours, will use and share the resources of the server where they are hosted. Both the RAM, the CPU, the processor, the IP address or the bandwidth are shared.

Precisely the fact that resources are shared can be a great disadvantage since the loading, processing and storage speeds could suffer. Therefore, when choosing this type of hosting, you must choose a company with experience that guarantees that this will not happen.

Cloud Hosting

This type of hosting is a good option, since by distributing the websites on different interconnected servers in a cloud maximizes its performance. As there are different servers, not only is efficiency guaranteed, but possible failures and crashes of one of them are also anticipated. If this were to happen, another of the cloud servers would take over its functions.

Now, this type of hosting can also be shared, VPS or dedicated. Needless to say, its main advantage is efficiency. Its second most notable advantage is the ability to adapt to the needs of each project in real time. Finally, it is a much more secure hosting as it has several servers.

How to choose good accommodation

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To launch your website, choosing good hosting is crucial. But how to choose a good hosting? The first thing you have to keep in mind is to choose a provider that offers a guarantee of at least 30 days. Another condition is to have free ssl certificate. Also check that your servers are staying in Spain.

In this sense, having the servers in Spanish territory guarantees better assistance, so it requires 24x7 technical support. Another important factor is that it includes the free migration in case you need it. Also check that the drives are NVMe, and that you can choose which version of PHP you can use.

Last but not least, the service must include reliable backups and web security systems. Within this service it is essential that it has advanced spam filters. An accommodation that does not offer you everything described above is not a good sign.

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