What can I do in Linux that I can't do in Windows?

Mac vs Windows vs Linux

A user on Reddit asked about the advantages of Ubuntu over Windows, that is, what could be done on a Linux system that it could not be done on other systems. The answers of the foreros were forceful, naming from the desks to the terminal

Surely this question you have asked yourself at some time in your life, many people who use Windows and who are curious about the Linux world have asked themselves this question. What had never happened is that someone asked this question in a forum like Reddit, in which a user who eI was thinking of switching to Ubuntu did it, saying what could Linux do that Windows or MacOSX couldn't do

And of course, the responses from Linux and Ubuntu lovers did not wait. They tried to convince this user that Ubuntu was better than Windows and OSX with lots of arguments, some with more foundation than others but without a doubt interesting.

Among the most voted comments, there were some interesting ones such as the customizing Linux systems with desktops(Cinnamon, Unity, Mate, Plasma ...) with respect to the only Windows desktop that changes the color, the background and little else. Others opted for the utility of Linux in aspects such as the terminal, error reports, free applications ...

Others choose laugh at windows problems, saying Linux doesn't have blue screen of death nor does it have to reboot to install updates.

Apple's system, OSX, was also criticized as being too expensive, that the Unix tools were out of date and that they did not know how to handle the packages well.

As for the opinion that I have about what can be done in Linux, I think that what is mentioned separately there are more things that are not mentioned so much.

  • We do not pay: While in Windows you have to pay expensive licenses or resort to piracy, in Linux we have free and free software.
  • We can create our own operating system: The good thing about linux and free software is that we have the source code available so that the most skilled can modify it and create their own Linux system. Windows, on the other hand, is very exclusive in this regard.
  • We are more confident: Since Windows 10 came out with Cortana asking for location and Windows asking for our dataIt is necessary to use Linux if you want to enjoy privacy. In addition, we must not forget in Windows we will be exposed to constant computer viruses.
  • Live CDs: In most Linux systems we can test the system without installing it, through a Live CD. In Microsoft systems there are some unofficial versions, but they do not work well (I tried a Windows XP Live and it gave a blue screen of death when booting).
  • Number of distributions: Windows only has one distribution in its different versions. Linux has thousands of distributions with its desktop environment variants. Such is the power of Linux that even Microsoft has its own Linux distribution.
  • Others: From faster execution to the ability to load updated systems that require few requirements but are supported, there are more advantages of Linux over Windows but if I put them all it would not end until tomorrow.

I think that the only advantages that Windows has today are that it has a majority of users and that it is better in games, the first advantage is typical of the comfort and ignorance of the people and the second I hope that things will be balanced when Steam comes out Machines.As for OSX, I don't even name it, since I don't feel like paying 2000 Euros for a Hardware that I can get for 700.

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  1.   Javier said

    The truth is that with ubuntu (xububtu I use but mate I liked it a lot) I would put it also that it does not have viruses, it does not have browser hijackers ... and that the games that go, at least I see that they are better

  2.   Moses said

    Hello everyone,

    I am a computer scientist and always the GNULinux distributions ahead in all aspects before win2 and OSX.

    Now that does feed me win2, why? We already know why, why it fails like a fairground shotgun, but most of them are afraid to change, even though in my personal struggle to promote free Softball , little by little some are changing.

    Greetings to to2

    1.    Asda said

      You as a computer scientist have what I as a friar, let's see ... in Linux it does not mean that it is free, only that said community is more "open" so to speak. The problem is not paying but the performance and right now Windows wins handsomely despite its failures where it only wins in servers for customization, that is the failure of Windows since at the moment of truth it is programmed for Windows and not for Linux when Linux is supported by multinationals including Microsoft

      1.    Moses said

        Hello friar

      2.    azpe said

        Look at my colleague's comparison between Ubuntu and Windows 10

        Also the bad thing about Linux is that people limit themselves to using Ubuntu and not getting enough use of it, the ideal is to choose a distribution that adapts well to what you are looking for since there are distributions for practically all tastes and Windows only has Windows Windows, if you want to have support, forces you to buy a computer every little bit (because that of the minimum requirements is false, since with 1GB of ram you open a program and it hangs and with 2 Gb of Ram it is worth for the internet, for Word and little more), on the other hand with Linux you can revive any old laptop with a distribution like Lubuntu or Puppy, having a functional computer and with support.

        In addition, Windows 10 is highly overrated, I have it on one of my computers and the only difference that I have noticed with respect to Windows 7 is that it starts a little faster, then every little bit it tells me that Cortana and Windows Explorer do not work ( Well Cortana never works for me because I have not let him see my location), some games stopped working and with the drivers a disaster since one day I tried to flash a phone it did not let me install the preloader drivers and installed what it gave wins it. Windows has more users simply because people do not evolve and go to the most comfortable and because Microsoft puts pre-installed licenses in the computers that are sold, then people think that Windows is free and they do not realize that it affects the price of their computer and that's why shitty laptops with single-core processors are worth more than 300 euros, if they gave you a clean laptop and told you to pay 100 euros for Windows or put a free Linux, I would tell you what would happen.

        On the servers I agree with you, even Microsoft has its own Linux distribution

    2.    azpe said

      That is already true haha, I have also taken many pelas formatting Windows computers because after two days people fill them with garbage or have the browser hijacked for installing programs by giving next / next / next.
      If these people learned a little to use Linux they would not have as many problems as they have, that between being scammed with low cost laptops with a processor worse than a Pentium IV and the pelas that are spent on computer science I do not know where they get the money from.

      1.    Bernard said

        Clearly by history and architecture, Linux is superior to Windows except in a few respects. But in the same way that having a good voice does not make a person succeed in song, being a better operating system does not make it more used.
        There are a few arguments:

        A) Windows is cheaper than Linux. Its maintenance is simpler and requires less intervention by specialized technicians as long as the user is a little responsible.
        As an example. A normal user installs VMWare the first time on his Windows. The same type of user does not do it in Linux and collides with the VMWare Tools that it can be terrible to install them and luckily if they do not have to compile the sources.
        Despite the fact that the great niche of Linux is servers, many companies are moving to Windows Server because its maintenance and price per hour of administrators is lower no matter how much blue screen it comes out.

        B) Yes, Linux machines are sold, few. But as an example there is the Linux variant of the Dell XPS 13 with Ubuntu. A large majority of users run away even if they were offered it with a 30% discount. They fear Linux.

        C) In Windows there is only one distribution with variants. In Linux there are hundreds, and that explosion of distros, desktops and others confuses the user and makes programming more expensive when trying to do it commercially (yes, in the same way that a baker has the right to live making bread, a programmer has it making software and all programmers are multinational)
        D) Exactly as Windows Mobile has it difficult due to the lack of applications, the large Windows is packed for all kinds of situations and many of them certified by government agencies, banks, companies, etc.

        E) Windows is worse than Linux, but it has improved a lot and if it continues with this trend it could approach Linux especially if it solves the problem of limitation of the number of processors.
        If you do not see many positive differences between Windows 7 and 10 regardless of your knowledge of systems, or you are not very observant, or you use Windows little or your comments are maliciously very biased, you are very free to take sides, but without denigrating or being subjective.

        F) Microsoft to support Windows and all its office automation platform has created reliable services increasingly used by companies such as Azure, Share Point, data server farms and with Windows Server 2016 it will provide thousands of virtual nano servers in a single rack that will catapult companies to the cloud.

        Professionally, I make a living developing software (for decades) for large companies, mainly in a Windows environment and Linux servers (here only databases and some demons). I am an avid Fedora user and still a Linux native programming learner. Linux is a blessing and a source of knowledge and simply if it meets the needs it should be used.

        1.    azpe said

          Well Azure is Linux haha, in the rest you are partly right but many things that you comment are due to the ignorance of the average user in computing and not Linux, especially in the matter of desktops and distributions which is really an advantage, but due to people's fear and ignorance it has become a disadvantage as you well indicate.

          All this is the fault of the educational system, since in very few educational centers they teach Linux which to learn it either you are self-taught or you have to sign up for engineering or the ASIR cycle while from a young age they put Windows on you and teach you to use Word, Excel… Also a result of the ignorance of some teachers with an educational system that allows teachers who have studied chemistry to be trained to teach computer science in high school.

          I remember when I was enrolled in ASIR that most of the people who had given computer science in high school, but excluding those of us who were self-taught and really liked it, the rest had no idea of ​​anything and did not even know how to format a Windows computer and of course you can't ask for much from those people.

          As long as there is still no more computer science teaching in schools, as long as they keep putting chemists instead of computer scientists to teach and as long as they continue not touching Linux, this will unfortunately remain the same ...

          1.    23youtinYT said

            At my school we are using Linux, as we are affiliated with the eScholarium project. We use a variant of Debian made by the Junta de Extremadura called LinEx. And I, being a "basic" user of Linux and Windows, have to help my colleagues. Just on my PC I am going to install LinEx colleges 2010, since the one we use is not available for download :(

      2.    Hector said

        I agree with you, except where you say "the bad thing about linux is that people limit themselves to using ubuntu and not getting enough use out of it." This is not a Linux problem, it is a user problem that does not want or is not interested in changing or learning.

        1.    Maria said

          I am totally stuck in this field of computing, I want to do a virtual online course based on the AFI program and I don't know if the linux or guadalinex system will help me, thank you.

          1.    Diego German Gonzalez said

            In principle you should not have problems. If you give me the link of the course I can confirm it

  3.   louiscabest said

    Windows wins on the subject of games but Linux is starting to go well thanks to steam and we must see the evolution, but we must focus more efforts on libreoffice.

    1.    azpe said

      You'll see with Steam Machines, between the fact that game consoles are not what they used to be and that the catalog of games for Linux on Steam is increasing, the number of users is going to grow a lot

  4.   Moses said

    … «You have to understand that most humans are still part of the system. You have to understand that most people are not prepared to be disconnected. And many of them are so inert, so desperately dependent on the system, that they would fight to protect it. "
    (Morpheus to Neo)

  5.   Julian said

    In the end, the question remained unanswered, what can I do in Linux that I cannot do in Windows?
    eg "In Linux I can see movies in 3D and not in Windows" (fictitious case).

  6.   orlando sierra said

    ... learn about machine language, programming, commands, etc ... and the satisfaction of obtaining desired results (many times guided by the users themselves) and not only exercising THE muscle of a finger to press a key ... (at least that is what I feel ..I have been a Windows user for more than 10 years; I have been using Linux mint for about 1 month and I have learned something ...)

  7.   anonymous said

    The question is absurd. Both Windows and Linux are operating systems, mere drivers to run applications on a machine. Any application programmed in Linux can be programmed in Windows and vice versa. There are no applications that one can have and the other does not. If we refer to the number of applications released, Windows wins. The good thing about Linux is that it is geared towards demanding users. The good thing about Windows is that it is easy to use and has most of the software market in your pocket.

  8.   Gonzalo said

    Hello I am amazed by the knowledge you have about Linux but I think you fall short with windows that by the way if it has customization if you want we will get in touch and I will explain to you how windows won its users no matter how paid or hacked the truth I think linux is good and its version for mobile phones is the famous and globally leading smartphone operating system: Android.
    Here google wins what it did not do in linux, I achieve it in Android and that is indisputable due to the efficiency, performance and user comfort send me an email KioKusanagiD@gmail.com we will get in touch with a pleasure to see the page the interesting truth

  9.   peronux said

    Excellent question, why Linux, what is different ?; I think the question is aimed at a common user who does not have the ability to modify code, who is not interested in installing the operating system or how it is done if not that it only works. If you want to compare with windows you have to get at the level of windows with the premise that "the user is more clumsy than you think" (no offense). From this perspective I emphasize as an incomparable advantage that there are Free OS :), the robustness of the system, support, etc. .. things related to the system and security. But I repeat the question, why should I use linux if I have always used windows and have no programming knowledge or anything? "I want to eat a hamburger, not knowing who killed the cow"
    Greetings and excellent site!

  10.   Karla said

    I have a very old machine (Pentium 4 and only 512 MB of RAM) and thanks to Linux I can still use it without problems, I use Mageia and it works without problems, on this computer I can burn discs (BD, DVD, MP3, CD Audio), work econometric models in R, create and edit documents (PDF, docx, xlsx) and print (Samsung ML 2160), I can also watch VLC videos in many formats (mp4, avi, webm) and listen to music (CD, mp3, mp4a). The programs are excellent and stable (K3B, LibreOffice, Chromium, Firefox, VLC), all Java applications run on the web, navigation is faster and safer, I can work and coordinate with my coworkers who use both OS and Windows, I can also decompress rar zip tar files and other packages ... All this could not be done in any version of Windows (perhaps in XP some of the operations mentioned, less than 20%), or I would have to download software in line with possible virus downloads that with many difficulties could be installed on my pc. With Linux the PROGRAMMED OBSOLECENCE of software and hardware is MINIMUM. NO to patents, NO to licenses ...

  11.   Pablo said

    And those are the… advantages.? What is security is relative, but what about productivity? It doesn't matter having to pay for applications if they make your life easier, the windows environment especially from windows 7 is robust, reliable and very stable, I currently use windows 10 and the truth , I have the applications that I need for each task in desktop mode I do not need to use a console and with a machine that is not very expensive I have stability and zero crashes, and by the way I do not use antivirus, only the firewall, the antivirus that the system brings and common sense when using the computer, I do not know why they are fierce in the fight against a system that today surpasses linux widely, it does not matter having a desktop that catches fire if at the time of doing anything in depending on whether or not you have a graphical interface or it seems that you use windows 98, I like linux but it is not better than windows, especially in terms of productivity, unless you dedicate yourself only to development and no, I don't know ...

    1.    Moses said

      If you believe what you say, I respect it but do not share, windows 1 or better than a GNULinux distribution? Well, for you, I also prefer that everyone use Windows, since otherwise I would be left without 59% of work

  12.   George said

    I know I'm out of the loop. 4 months have passed since the last opinion but I do not want to stop noticing that to compare windows and linux it is not necessary to talk about software or know languages!
    You just have to remember the reason why the $ irata Bill created windows, so that any fool can use a computer and its operating system, that way selling computers to anyone who has 5 fingers and some neuron would make more money !! , instead of continuing to sell computers only to an elite of crazy people that before using a pc for something useful, we had to at least learn basic.
    I have been a windows user for many years, since as an electronic technician, I preferred something easy to use for my needs and not waste time learning something that has nothing to do with my profession!
    Although it is not the panacea and with blue screens and everything, windows meets the premise, to use something you do not have to know how it works, I can drive my car every day without knowing how many cylinders it has! for that there are mechanics! technicians! etc.
    That said, I add that with some work linux is becoming easier to use without losing its philosophy!
    I recently started using Linux Mint Mate and am delighted with its performance.

    1.    Baphomet said

      With that mindset soon your car will be dumped on the road and you will have to continue paying others to "fix" it (reinstall, because it is not repaired).

  13.   emerson said

    Sometimes I stop to read these idiots talking about Linux. They belong to a brotherhood of people who believe that because they use Linux they are already at a higher level. "Almost Hackers", and all they do is spend their lives on Google looking for solutions to the problems that arise every day; And of what they find, half serves them, because there are a huge amount of Linuxboludos who talk because the air is free, and instead of helping, they screw you.
    Because Linux is a mystery, in some machines it works in one way and in others in another, the drivers almost never work, everything you install you have to "tweak" install dependencies, of course, whenever you find them, and they will tell me: yesiii yes there is, but meanwhile you spend thousands of hours a year to fix something that does not work
    Another Linuxboludo will tell me: "but Amazon's servers are Linux !!!!" Yes, and my grandfather's car was pulled by a horse. A server is a car, it is not a Ferrari, and if I can save myself licenses, I am delighted. But even so, if you want something decent in Linux, you will have to pay for it… .. just like in windows
    Sound? nothing
    Video? less
    Picture? not even close
    Impossible to compare Photoshop with Gimp, or OpenShot with Sony Vegas, (And here someone will mention Cinelerra to me, but your dad makes it work)
    So where is the thing?
    If you are a fervent Catholic who wants to wear a hair shirt with thorns to torture yourself all day long and be consistent with your faith, I do not oppose you, nor do I criticize you, nor do I condemn you. Everyone who does what they want, if you want to use linux and spend your life in google to be able to say that you are a computer genius, well
    But don't fool the poor people who don't know
    Don't tell them stories, because the poor wretches believe it.
    They mess with Linux, (as I did) and at first they think it's because they don't know, that nothing works, then because they think they still don't know enough, and in the end you know what you know, you have to be all the day on the donkey,…. or the penguin
    Sometimes I relapse, I install the hundredth distro to see, the last one was Elementary Freya or whatever it is called.
    Shit shit, in the end I had to turn it off twice before I could rip it off
    If you want to have a Live to format disks or make recoveries, Puppy, a distro shit that for what you can do with Linux, you have plenty
    I said

  14.   William vasquez said

    Here they try to talk about the windows problems but linux never overcomes the novice problems, it is known that the manufacturers are not releasing the drivers for some electronic devices such as video cards and printers, which limits the functionality, also linux does not mail the different electronic games of the same does not have direcX functions although some add-ons use OpenGL, I have used windows at all times as well as ubuntu xubunto fendora debian mandriva mandrake until the current one of my canaima country, but as you see when it does not detect lso drivers Simple ones like video, mouse, keyboard turns into a mess. also when an error occurs, it is not easy to correct them, although there are many programmers who help to improve.
    one can do the same on both linux and windows. You just need to adapt to the environment, do what you do in Linux with your own codes and programs. There is no problem and the world is yours the same. success to all.

  15.   Antonio said

    How Linux and ubunto resemble mac and escape the omnipresent technocultural dictatorship of the giant Microsoft Windows