The final version of Pipplware 6.1 for Raspberry Pi is now ready



PiPplware is a Linux distribution of Portuguese origin for Raspberry Pi based and 100% compatible with Raspbian, the official distribution of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. This distribution aims at simplicity of use, it does not require Linux experience to take advantage of its capabilities.

With Pipplware you can do almost all possible tasks with Raspberry Pi that can be done in a common operating system, since it allows us to get the maximum potential of this little machine. On the other hand, it is easily scalable and optimizable for different types of use.

One the main features of this version, is the support for the new Raspberry Pi + 3B. Pippware 6.1 is now based on the latest version of Raspbian which was released on (27/06/2018) instead of Raspbian Jessie.

As such in this new version of the distribution you can find all the software included which has been updated in the latest version of Raspbian among which We can find the desktop environments XFCE and Open Box, LibreOffice, Chrome, Kweb, transmission, etc.

All the software is available for installation in the repositories which have also been updated, such as text, image, video editors, web server, database, files, programming tools, etc.

Kodi update

Meanwhile The Kodi application has been updated to the latest stable version which is 17.6 "Krypton"as well as all binary plugins.

Also some bug fixes and optimizations were made with some video codecs, such as the HEVC codec among others.

It is also expected to include the final stable version of Kodi, 18 which will be available for update.

Retropie and RetroArch were updated

Retropie has also been updated to version 4.4.1, EmulationStation has been updated to version 2.7.5 and it has several new features, such as support for videos, new themes with new features, support for screensavers with images or videos, "Collections", "Favorites", "Recent", "Custom", etc.

As well are available for installation by various other rearfoot interfaces or other graphical interface as an alternative to the ES for those who want a different look, like Mehstation for example

RetroArch was updated to version 1.7.5 and also has new features like video recording support and a new optional minimal interface.

Therefore, also all RetroArch and libRetro emulators have been updated to the latest version.

Several standalone emulators have also been updated such as AdvanceMAME, ScummVM Stella (Atari 2600) Fuse (ZX Spectrum), Dosbox, AGS, ZDoom (Hexen 1 Series Heretic, Bloat and Chex 3 support) Mupen64Plus (N64 emulator) cgenious, etc.

The following new console emulators are available for installation:

  • amiberry
  • lr-dosbox
  • dosbox-sdl2
  • mame2003-plus-libretro
  • digger
  • yquake2
  • Abuse
  • lr vice
  • srb2
  • cdogs-sdl
  • lr-px68k
  • lr-mrboom
  • lr-mame2016
  • lr-mess2016
  • Drastic
  • mini vmac
  • quasi88
  • np2pi
  • xm7

In total there are now more than 75 emulators spread over more than 55 systems and consoles.

Pipplware Features

Between its main characteristics we can find:

  • Rearfoot, more than 20 includes emulators to play old console games (ROM not included for legal reasons)
  • Openbox and XFCE desktops, similar to Xubuntu.
  • Chrome web browsers (Google), and Reyes netsurf with HTML5 support and sites like Youtube, Vimeo, etc.
  • LXMusic to play music, OMXplayer to play videos directly from the desktop.
  • Server and client SSH, SFTP, Samba, RDP, VNC, Netatalk (AFP), streaming and more, with the possibility to install many more like web and VPN servers.
  • All Raspbian software included except Mathematica, with the ability to install more.
  • Possibility of setting start automatically depending on the desired use.
  • Also as additional software we can find in the distribution:
  • VLC Media Player, one of the most used media players today.
  • Uget a lightweight download manager for the system.

Download Pipplware 6.1

If you want to download this system for your Raspberry Pi, you can go to the following link where you can obtain the image of this system. The link is this.

Finally you can save this download image with Etcher or with the DD command from the terminal.

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