3D, animation, Linux and Windows

According to The Inquirer:

"In the film industry Linux has won, being used in practically all servers and desktops dedicated to animation or creation of special effects," say industry sources.

That says Robin rowe, from the portal  linuxmovies.org, and I think we should pause a bit to think about it, because it seems to me that this man is moving ahead a couple of years.

- There are two very professional programs to make 3D and animation for any super film production: Maya and Softimage. Regarding the first, Autodesk have found their software to be quite stable and reliable over Linux. With respect to the second, its version for Linux. Chris mitchell, chief animation officer of ILM comments:

In the middle of production (StarWars), ILM installed an update to Softimage | 3D, which would later become Softimage | 3D 4.0 to take advantage of the new version's features and turn its IRIX computers into more economical and powerful Linux workstations. Softimage | 3D on Linux is an outstanding 3D animation system.

However, I who am, on a small scale and independently, working in the same field, it is definitely not enough to have our favorite software running on Linux. Like someone who designs a web page, there are several software that complete our final work, and frequently, they are all loaded at the same time. Photoshop, Premiere, Combustion, Corel, Flame, and a long etc. , programs that work on WindowsUntil recently, at least. Should they already sing victory and win the battle, or are we rushing?

There are not any yet Adobe for Linux, Corel for Linux, blablabla for Linux, and to run them, we must use Wine o VirtualBox, and not current versions, but a little old or outdated, or we must use the free "equivalents", such as Blender, Gimp, and other things that do not interest me. So ... Is it practical to move to another OS today really?

I personally am sick of these kinds of answers, taken from here:

«Question: Is there 3d max for linux? If it exists, please help me tell me where I can get it, thank you.

Answer: The closest thing you have to GNU / LINUX is BLENDER.

Let's see if I say 3DMax, say 3DMax, not half a mignon and a jar of peas. It's as easy as that. I haven't spent 10 years learning 3DMax so that now I have to move to another program that does a third of what I want.

The environment is changing, it is true, Linux uses and optimizes resources much more than Windows, Linux is free and free, but let's go part ways: Linux is not so magnanimous nor does it have the software universe at its feet. It's good, it's great, everything is very nice, but I still think that we are talking ahead of time.

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  1.   Paulo said

    I agree with you, Linux is a very powerful OS, with many advantages, which widely surpasses Windows, when we talk about OS only, just installed. But when it comes to working, in certain areas such as graphic design, web, 3D, making electronic circuits, etc, unfortunately, Linux is left behind, at least for now. Why? simply because there is no way, that open source, compete from 0 against industry giants, I take Adobe as an example, and beat it so quickly. Yes, I hope that one day we will be able to work 100% in Linux, without having to worry about having windows for x programs that we need, yes or yes. For now, I used windows vista and ubuntu, but now I am (since yesterday) ordering both so, to install xp in virtual box in ubuntu, to run from there the programs that I need from windows, to be able to use it as little as possible.

    Note that I prefer Linux as an operating system, but I have no choice but to use Windows programs, whether I like it or not. But I sincerely hope that one day we no longer need to use windows.

  2.   shaggylish said

    I have a very different point of view:
    When you ask for 3dmax, this program is for windows. If you have spent money on it and on a course to learn it, don't change it. There is no 3dmax for linux, because they will not be able to use the same name, nor have the owners ported it.
    There are many users who say: I want Word for Linux, I want Photoshop for Linux, and it's all because people are used to using these programs since they have their computers, and it is strange to change. And the solution is that, change. Because when you change the Operating System, you have to change the programs you use, which although it is true, many programs have their version for Linux, in many others they do not, I either program it yourself, or you use one that has similar characteristics , but in his own way.

    I am fed up, as you say, of people who search for '3dmax for linux' and do not accept the answers of 'use blender', and do not accept it just because either they do not like the program, or because they do not know how to use it . I use this example also to tell you that it is a GREAT program that I have already learned to use (in less time than I learned 3dMax) and that I get better results (but this I suppose is from experience).

    I encourage you to reconsider your opinion (I don't want you to change it), and imagine what would happen if the first computer you had had Linux, Blender, and all those programs, what would you be used to?

    a greeting

  3.   McLarenX said

    To be in favor of Linux, you hide it very well.

    The point is that there are things in Windows that may not be fully functional in Linux, but there are many other things in Linux that are much better than Windows. Overall, it pays to be Linux.

  4.   I am said

    For the same reason I would not buy a mac. I have had a pc for a long time, I got used to it, it works for me, it is enough for me and I have plenty of it. Why would i buy a mac ???

  5.   Miguel Gastelum said

    I think that leaving aside the fact that it is windows or GNU / Linux, we should look at the background of everything, realize that every time something is wrong in GNU / Linux, let's talk about Ubuntu in particular, we always blame The OS, if it is the hardware, it is the fault of Ubuntu, if there is no program, it is the fault of Ubuntu, but I think that what really happens is that the Hardware and Software companies should turn to see these market niches, it will be true Not even 1% of users who have GNU / Linux are covered, but we also agree that many large companies are already GNU / Linux users, if the wireless card on your laptop does not work in Ubuntu, it is not their fault. SO is the fault of the manufacturer that does not give the complete solution, and this may be due to the agreements that Micro $ oft has with these companies, but they should also think about users who are not interested in using windows in one way or another, and this is also for software creators, they must see the complete market, and looking for a way to do business, times change, I agree that it is hasty to raise the voice of victory, but it must be seen as a possible call for attention for those companies that take into account everything that can be reached To do so, if large film productions are using this OS, it may be more likely that high-quality solutions will begin to be generated, or those that already exist that will grow. It is my opinion, without fully defending any SO.

  6.   I am said

    According to you. I don't defend anyone either. I only question that cry of triumph, which comes about 5 years before.

  7.   CyberWolf said

    Blender is a much better program than 3DMax

  8.   I am said

    naaa… .not yet. Just now blender uses fur, cloth, and other things that max has been using for years.

  9.   Ferk said

    The advantage is that in Blender you have an immortal product that does not depend on any company and that will continue to evolve indefinitely.

    On the other hand, with 3DMax you are linked to a company, you are obliged to use the updates that they decide, without being able to implement what you decide if you want to pay another developer ... and also if one day the company goes bankrupt or decides to stop producing 3DMax Nobody will be able to take the project again since nobody will have the source code, and even having it would be illegal.

  10.   I am said

    Ferk, 3D Studio DOS was the first released and it was in 1990. A couple of versions later the program was "deprecated" and was bought by the Discreet company. Several years later, it was bought by Autodesk. It had 15 actual updates, plus the upgrades of each version.
    Blender was born in 1995, 5 years later, and it had two versions plus a lot of updates and improvements.

    I believe Ferk that you are painting the world that you would like it to be, and not the world as it is. 3DStudio max will never fall into disuse, neither will blender, both will have the improvements and updates that the programmers decide it should have. I do not know how to program, nor will I know it, so it does not interest me to know that with blender I can modify it as I want. I am interested in what can be created with the program, and so far, blender does not reach the professional level of 3D Max, much less Maya, or Softimage. The world would be beautiful if the grass were greener and cut by itself, but it would be believing in something that will never happen.

  11.   herbert said

    Next I am going to tell you what programs we can work with within the 3d environment in Linux.

    First let's start by mentioning programs that allow us to create and animate 3d elements:
    -Maya, Softimage, Houdini, Blender

    Second, the programs that allow us to texturize and sculpt 3d models:
    -Mudbox and Mari

    Third, the programs that allow us to compose and edit our 3d scenes:
    -Nuke, Fusion, Flame, Flare, Inferno, Flint, Smoke, Luster

  12.   Cesar Bustamante said

    I've been working with professional 3D design and animation for some time, to be precise I've been in the business for 12 years, and never use Maya, or 3DMax, and even less use the Windows OS always use blender, gimp, inkscape, Wings 3d, and a lot of other tools They are available for the Linux OS ... and I confess, I don't even know how paid applications are used ... I think it's a matter of taste and economic scope. If a child is born in China at the same time he speaks Chinese and hardly speaks Spanish without deciding to learn, the same happens with the winderos (where I am we call them Guindow) who want to pay for everything ... they don't dare to use Linux for fear of failure ...